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Silver Upper White River
One of a series of similar themed Maya Lin sculptures, castings in silver of river traces
maps  mayalin  rivers  art  sculpture  tootme 
7 weeks ago by nelson
tourisme fluvial
Map of navigable waterways in France
maps  rivers  canals  france  tourism  tootme 
april 2019 by nelson
European inland waterways
Remarkably detailed map of major navigable waterways
map  europe  danube  rhine  rhone  rivers  boats  travel  tootme  via:reddit 
february 2019 by nelson
Disappearing Rivers
A map visualization of water in the American west
rivers  maps  water  data  visualization  mapbox 
may 2018 by nelson
Gunpowder maps
Stencils filled with gunpowder and ignited
gunpowder  maps  art  rivers  via:migurski 
june 2017 by nelson
SF Historical Creek Map
Better rendering than I've seen of this before
maps  sanfrancisco  history  rivers  water 
january 2017 by nelson
Interactive Watershed Map
Visualization of upstream and downstream watershed polygons
watersheds  visualization  rivers  mapshaper 
december 2016 by nelson
Global Surface Water
Raw data for the new Landsat imagery map of global water
water  maps  rivers  landsat 
december 2016 by nelson
Landsat water map
Raster map based on satellite imagery
maps  rivers  landsat 
december 2016 by nelson
River map print
Company selling high quality prints of a map inspired by my rivers map
maps  rivers  prints  art 
october 2016 by nelson
Quilted maps
Fabric art, rich embroidery
maps  quilts  art  crafts  rivers 
july 2016 by nelson
River map prints
Australian guy makes river maps like my US one, good enough to print and sell
maps  rivers  prints  art 
april 2016 by nelson
Needlework Rivers
Lovely little cross-stitch maps
maps  cross-stitch  crafts  rivers 
april 2016 by nelson
River of Iron
Documentary of a sculpture project that used my river map
maps  rivers  tamsie  mississippi  sculpture  art 
september 2015 by nelson
Minnesota waters
Maps that look a little like my vector river map
maps  rivers  minnesota  gis  data  via:iandees 
june 2015 by nelson
All the streams in Australia
Rivers map from someone based on Australian data
maps  australia  rivers 
december 2014 by nelson
Rivers in Tableau
Mapping major rivers of the world using off the shelf tech
maps  tableau  rivers 
august 2014 by nelson
US rivers by flow
Line widths vary based on how much water there is
maps  rivers  america  water  hydropgraphy 
august 2013 by nelson
A global dataset of rivers and watersheds
maps  rivers  nhd  hydrology  geo 
august 2013 by nelson
LAB zine #4
Visual design magazine featuring me! And @enf, @rachelbinx, @shashashasha, and others
design  rivers  maps  meshu  enf  binx  shahwang 
july 2013 by nelson
Subway river maps
Schematic maps of river systems
maps  rivers 
july 2013 by nelson
World of Rivers
National Geographic's map of all rivers, colored by flow volume
rivers  maps  natgeo  nationalgeographic  hydrography 
july 2013 by nelson
TauDEM tutorial
How to do hydrographic analysis of DEM data
gis  dem  via:bobws  maps  hydrography  rivers 
june 2013 by nelson
Daily Mail on my river map
Funny how many inaccuracies they can cram in a 50 word article, but any press is good press
rivers  maps  dailymail  me  nelson 
june 2013 by nelson
Viewport Inversion
Jason Davies' amazing slippy map in Albers projection, using my vector rivers
rivers  tiles  vectors  maps  projection  d3js 
may 2013 by nelson
Python wrapper for USGS river data
maps  rivers  usgs  hydrography  python 
december 2012 by nelson
NHD Plus
Cleaned up hydrography GIS data
gis  rivers  hydrography  nhd 
december 2012 by nelson
Mississippi river history
Details of the various paths and engineering for the last 500 years
louisiana  rivers  maps  mississippi  engineering 
may 2011 by nelson
Mississippi river change map
Detailed map showing what it'd look like if the Mississippi moved to the Atchafalaya basin
rivers  mississippi  louisiana  atchafalaya  flooding  maps 
may 2011 by nelson
River Basins of Texas
Map of where the water goes
texas  rivers  maps 
may 2011 by nelson
River Maps
Beautiful abstract maps of major river systems
maps  rivers  design 
february 2011 by nelson

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