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Killed by Google
Another database of dead Google products, fairly comprehensive
google  products  history  tootme 
10 hours ago by nelson
VC Starter Kit
Everything you need to begin your career investing in the tech industry
vc  parody  funny  venturecapital  tootme 
yesterday by nelson
Adopted Unicode characters
Fundraising scheme where companies and people can adopt individual Unicode characters
unicode  fundraising  silly  tootme 
yesterday by nelson
OSM and EU Copyright
New EU rules make OSM's acceptance of data from users much more complicated
politics  eu  copyright  osm  maps  tootme 
yesterday by nelson
I am prepared
Remarkably good interview with someone who is a rare case of contracting HIV despite being on PrEP
prep  hiv  gay  lgbt  sex  health  tootme 
yesterday by nelson
Procedurally generated garbage games
Art project / absurd demonstration of making total trash games makes $50,000
games  procedural  mobile  ads  tootme 
2 days ago by nelson
Coconet: Bach AI
The machine learning model behind the Google doodle
bach  music  ai  google  coconet  tootme 
2 days ago by nelson
Facebook plaintext passwords
200-600 million users potentially compromised by violating the most very basic tenet of password security
facebook  passwords  plaintext  badtech  tootme  security  bug 
2 days ago by nelson
Partisan Bias
Visualization of one measure of gerrymandering
politics  gerrymandering  visualization  tootme  northcarolina 
3 days ago by nelson
The Paris Pneumatic Clock Network
Crazy 19th century system for distributing time
time  paris  france  clocks  via:hackernews  tootme 
3 days ago by nelson
Map of sexual orientation laws
2019 report on which countries criminalize LGBT people, which protect them
lgbt  civilrights  gayrights  politics  tootme  map 
3 days ago by nelson
The Epochalypse
The perfect name for the Unix Year 2038 bug
bugs  2038  linux  unix  epoch  epochalypse  tootme 
4 days ago by nelson
LIGO Orrery
A visualization of black hole merging events LIGO has detected
space  science  astronomy  ligo  gravity  blackhole  tootme 
4 days ago by nelson
Mochi pounding
Fun short video on hand-making a Japanese pastry
japan  food  cooking  mochi  tootme 
6 days ago by nelson
Erica Joy Baker's home screen
What the engineering manager uses on her phone
edc  phone  ui  ericajoy  tootme 
8 days ago by nelson
Calculating Pi in GCP
Sort of a meaningless math stunt, but nice demo of Google cloud; particularly the CPU migration feature
google  cloud  pi  math  gcp  tootme 
9 days ago by nelson
DNC CTO stepping down
Raffi moving on after two years helping the DNC build a tech team
tech  dns  democrats  politics  raffi  raffikrikorian  tootme 
9 days ago by nelson
DNSSEC in practice
Statistics on usage, cogent arguments for and against it
security  dns  dnssec  googledns  tootme  internet 
9 days ago by nelson
Video call API
A friend's videoconferencing startup has added a really simple API for embedding video calls in your website
video  videocall  support  dailyco  pluot  startups  api  web  tootme 
9 days ago by nelson
Genderless voice
Speech synthesis designed to sound neither male nor female
speech  gender  synthesis  voice  tootme 
10 days ago by nelson
Spotify v Apple
Nice timeline of anti-competitive behavior on Apple's part
apple  spotify  antitrust  monpoly  iphone  tootme 
10 days ago by nelson
The rise of Discord
Nice story about the Slack-for-consumers product, the new social media
socialmedia  discord  slack  chat  internet  tootme 
10 days ago by nelson
35mm film pirates
1960s hustle of buying grey market prints of movies and trading them
piracy  movies  film  via:metafilter  tootme 
10 days ago by nelson
Observable Teams
Javascript notebook computing environment now has a paid option for groups to work together.
javascript  observable  notebooks  jupyter  tootme  programming 
11 days ago by nelson
Lil Pump
"He pours more cough syrup into his fluorescent Fanta and then onto his steak while someone records him."
music  lilpump  rap  tootme  culture 
11 days ago by nelson
Rapa Nui for real
An alternate story for the collapse of Easter Island; post-colonial diseases and enslavement
rapanui  easterisland  polynesia  history  culture  tootme 
12 days ago by nelson
Operation Gladio
Crazy post-WW2 plan to station secret police and troops in NATO countries to fight back if the Soviets invaded. Led to some abuses.
ww2  soviet  coldwar  europe  politics  tootme 
12 days ago by nelson
Discord Data Package
Popular chat app lets you download all the data they have about you; here's what's inside
discord  privacy  chat  tootme  datatransparency 
13 days ago by nelson
Centurians of Rome (NSFW)
Detailed story of an armored car robber getting away and making a gay porn movie in the 1980s
porn  gay  lgbt  via:metafilter  tootme 
14 days ago by nelson
US partisan prejudice
Map of where people have more strongly held political beliefs. The treatment is symmetric but the factual data is not; Republicans tend to be more biased
politics  demographics  america  civilwar  visualization  tootme 
15 days ago by nelson
Actual European Discoveries
Map of all the places that were actually discovered for the first time by the European age of exploration
europe  maps  discovery  tootme  islands 
15 days ago by nelson
Hatari - Spillingardans (NSFW)
Icelandic techno / metal band with gay BDSM heavy music videos
gay  lgbt  bdsm  music  iceland  hatari  tootme 
16 days ago by nelson
François Clemmons
Black actor on Mr. Rogers is also gay, stayed closeted for the show
misterogers  tv  gay  africanamerican  lgbt  culture  tootme 
16 days ago by nelson
QUIC considered
An interesting analysis of how QUIC solves problems in the modern Internet, particularly NATs and TCP limitations
protocols  internet  quic  udp  tcp  nat  tootme 
16 days ago by nelson
Misattributed paternity
Details on how often someone's father is not who they think it might be. (1-3% for America and similar countries)
paternity  genetics  culture  family  tootme 
16 days ago by nelson
Mexican chiles
Handy chart showing dried versions of fresh ones
chile  chili  pepper  cooking  mexico  food  tootme 
16 days ago by nelson
The Metric Society
Book review discusses the dangers of our increasingly quantified social lives
metrics  quantifiedself  economics  measurement  tootme  bookreview 
17 days ago by nelson
Much needed explanation on how exponentially many people are misusing the word "exponential"
language  math  writing  exponential  tootme 
17 days ago by nelson
Boeing buys ForeFlight
Excellent aviation data / iOS app startup gets bought by Boeing.
flying  aviation  boeing  foreflight  tootme  startups 
17 days ago by nelson
Mister Rogers was bisexual?!
He apparently said he had attractions to men too
lgbt  queer  misterrogers  bisexual  tv  tootme 
17 days ago by nelson
Teotihuacán's tunnel
Near the temple of Quetzelcoatl a tunnel was found 16 years ago, now being painstakingly excavated
archaeology  teotihuacan  mexico  tootme 
17 days ago by nelson
A New Kind of Science bibliography
Wolfram's silly "theory of everything" book does have a bibliography, or at least half of one. No paper citations.
books  newkindofscience  cellularautomata  complexity  wolfram  tootme 
18 days ago by nelson
The Heart of the Grand Canyon
Appreciation of a classic of handmade mapping
maps  grandcanyon  tootme  cartography 
20 days ago by nelson
Hyperscan regex parser
Detailed paper on the super-fast regex engine that uses SIMD instructions and clever algorithms
intel  regexp  regex  software  simd  avx  algorithms  tootme 
23 days ago by nelson
Facial tattoos in the US
A detailed documentation of a changing fashion
tattoos  face  music  tootme  culture 
23 days ago by nelson
1971 US gay marriage
Couple got a valid marriage license in 1971, no one noticed
lgbt  gay  marriage  civilrights  politics  tootme 
23 days ago by nelson
Super fast JSON parser makes use of AVX2 SIMD instructions
json  simd  intel  optimization  avx2  performance  tootme 
26 days ago by nelson
Billy Porter's ball gown
Actor talks about his jaw-dropped tuxedo ball gown from the Oscars
oscars  gay  lgbt  fashion  feminism  tootme  billyporter 
26 days ago by nelson
An emulation of the AWS Lambda computing environment, for testing and development
lambda  aws  development  serverless  docker  tootme 
27 days ago by nelson
Zuckerberg in Hawaii
Moving forward with controversial plan to buy land of uncertain title
hawaii  zuckerberg  facebook  realestate  tootme 
27 days ago by nelson
Swiss company that makes tube bending machine; pictures of examples
tubes  pipes  manufacturing  freeforming  tootme 
27 days ago by nelson
Freeform tube bending
Interesting tool lets you create pipes and tubes with complex shapes
manufacturing  tubes  pipes  tootme 
27 days ago by nelson
SF surveillance cameras
New map of some 2500 cameras around San Francisco
maps  sanfrancisco  crime  police  privacy  surveillance  via:reddit  tootme 
28 days ago by nelson
Which founder are you?
Mat Honan as always with the insights
tech  funny  parody  mathonan  buzzfeed  tootme 
29 days ago by nelson
Stephen Wolfram's infrastructure
Incredibly detailed post by the eccentric computer scientist, some good tools in here. Also note the Lifestreams-like UI for searching old documents.
wolfram  edc  computers  environment  tootme  lifestreams 
29 days ago by nelson
Unclaimed Property
Easy index to finding money you might own in the US and Canada. I found significant $$ here just now, not a scam!
money  unclaimed  property  probate  legal  tootme 
4 weeks ago by nelson
CA marijuana revenue
2018's market off to a slow start, $345M in taxes ($1B was predicted)
california  marijuana  taxes  politics  weed  tootme 
4 weeks ago by nelson
NYTimes free for Californians
Anyone with a library card anywhere in the state gets a digital subscription
california  nytimes  newspaper  journalism  tootme 
4 weeks ago by nelson
The Making of Tupaia’s Map
A detailed new interpretation of the 1769 map of Polynesia, based on an understanding of traditional wayfinding
maps  polynesia  tupaia  tootme  culture  anthropology  history 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Tupaia / Cook map of Polynesia
1769 map produced by the collaboration of Polynesians and Europeans
polynesia  europe  maps  anthropology  history  tootme 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Read the Comments
NYT's Cooking section has a remarkably good reader notes section
nytimes  nyt  cooking  food  journalism  via:metafilter  tootme 
4 weeks ago by nelson
1900 SF Chinatown
Photos of Chinatown from before the Earthquake
sanfrancisco  chinatown  photos  history  1900  tootme 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Qwant Maps
European search engine has an open source web map service
maps  qwant  mapping  mapboxgl  tootme 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Captain Marvel review bombed
Angry man-babies already flooding Rotten Tomatoes with negative reviews, much like Black Panther
movies  sexism  feminism  tootme  tirefire 
4 weeks ago by nelson
TWA Hotel
Saarinen's classic airport terminal at JFK is being turned into a hotel
hotel  Saarinen  architecture  jfk  twaterminal  twa  tootme 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Firefox about: pages
Various metadata URLs the browser supports
firefox  tootme  web  about 
4 weeks ago by nelson
European inland waterways
Remarkably detailed map of major navigable waterways
map  europe  danube  rhine  rhone  rivers  boats  travel  tootme  via:reddit 
4 weeks ago by nelson
WSL and floating point
long doubles don't work in the Linux-for-Windows environment. Simple workaround, should be fixed, but isn't.
wsl  linux  windows  math  floatingpoint  tootme 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Heroin on the SF bus
Depressing conversation where everyone agrees if you see someone smoking heroin on the bus in San Francisco, you should probably just ignore it
sanfrancisco  drugs  qualityoflife  tootme  heroin  reddit 
5 weeks ago by nelson
A modern recursive DNS resolver you can run on your own network
dns  recursive  internet  server  linux  tootme 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Ad code impact
Survey of web sites shows ads use up a lot of resources. Google's two main ad systems each take 300ms and are ubiquitous
google  ads  adblocking  tech  web  tootme 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Paul Vixie has had enough
Famous old Unix expert goes on an anti-Google rant. He's not wrong.
google  rant  funny  via:hackernews  paulvixie  vixie  tootme  dns 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Streaming TV market share
Roku has the most streaming TV users in America
roku  tv  appletv  market  tootme  streaming  cordcutter 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Safe Withdrawal Rates
A detailed analysis of how much you can spend based on a retirement nest egg. Not sure I agree with all of it, but it's a very thorough framework.
money  finance  investment  tootme  retirement 
5 weeks ago by nelson
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