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Overview - Process Hacker
A free, powerful, multi-purpose tool that helps you monitor system resources, debug software and detect malware.
dev  windows  Software  tools 
6 days ago
Automated dependency updates for your Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Go, Elixir, Rust, Java and Elm.
PHP  automation  bundler  composer  dependencies  dependency  github  javascript  nodejs  npm  pip  python  ruby  service  update  yarn 
13 days ago
Sentry | Error Tracking Software — JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, more
Open-source error tracking that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time. Iterate continuously. Boost workflow efficiency. Improve user experience.
monitoring  javascript  debugging  error  logging  development  tracking  service  tools  webdev 
16 days ago
Discourse - Civilized Discussion
Discourse is modern forum software for your community. Use it as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more!
opensource  forum  communication  discussion  software  comment  community  tools  collaboration  Discourse 
4 weeks ago
kamranahmedse/developer-roadmap: Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2019
Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2019. Contribute to kamranahmedse/developer-roadmap development by creating an account on GitHub.
web  webdev  dev  programming  roadmap  frontend  development  DevOps  career  github 
4 weeks ago
Homepage | Celadon
Open source Android software stack on Intel architecture
android  linux  intel  opensource 
4 weeks ago
CAN FD Explained - A Simple Intro (2019)
What is CAN FD? In this simple intro to CAN bus with Flexible Data-Rate, we explain how the CAN FD protocol works incl. use cases, data logging & more!
can  automotive  systems  comms 
4 weeks ago
Homepage - Plaid
Develop the future of fintech with Plaid, the technology layer for financial services. Plaid enables applications to connect with users’ bank accounts.
banking  finance  api  bank  accounting  Development  payments  ach  money  tools 
5 weeks ago
MIT Deep Learning
Courses on deep learning, deep reinforcement learning (deep RL), and artificial intelligence (AI) taught by Lex Fridman at MIT. Lectures, introductory tutorials, and TensorFlow code (GitHub) open to all.
deepearning  ml  AI  IFTTT  cars  cnn  course  courses  deep  deep-learning  deeplearning  fridman  hnish  learning  lex  machine-learning  mit  reinforcement  self-driving 
5 weeks ago
Remove Background from Image –
Remove Image Background: 100% automatically – in 5 seconds – without a single click
images  background  tools  image  design  photography  photos  photoshop  tool  photo 
7 weeks ago
Wav2letter++, the fastest open source speech system, and flashlight
Wav2letter++ is the fastest state-of-the-art end-to-end speech recognition system available. We're also releasing flashlight, a fast, flexible ML library.
7 weeks ago
About the Thunderbolt Technology
Explains an external expansion interface for improving transfer speed between devices.
thunderbolt  guide  drivers 
10 weeks ago
yzhao062/anomaly-detection-resources: Anomaly detection related books, papers, videos, and toolboxes
Anomaly detection related books, papers, videos, and toolboxes - yzhao062/anomaly-detection-resources
anomalydetection  outlierdetection 
10 weeks ago
Grafana Features | Grafana Labs
Grafana Feature overview, screenshots, videos, feature tours
graphs  dashboard  monitoring  analysis  metrics  Bookmarks_bar  cli  Favorites  golang  logs 
november 2018
The 20BN-JESTER Dataset | TwentyBN
A large densely-labeled video dataset of generic human hand gestures.
datasets  gesture  cv  ml  dl 
october 2018
oat++ framework
Light, zero-dependency, no-installation web-framework. Create bleedingly-fast web-services. C++
webserver  development  c++  library 
october 2018
Swagger UI | API Development Tools | Swagger
Visualize and interact with your API's resources without having any of the implementation logic in place. Learn more now!
dev  restful  api  REST  swagger  test  testing 
october 2018
Linux Performance
A collection of documents, slides, and videos about Linux performance, mostly created by Brendan Gregg, and with a focus on performance analysis.
monitoring  sysadmin  performance  linux  tools  perf  LinuxCon  reference  system  cheatsheet 
october 2018
Stanford AI Safety
Stanford Center for AI Safety
ai  fusa  safety  ml  dl 
september 2018
OpenMAX IL Overview - The Khronos Group Inc
OpenMAX™ IL is a royalty-free API that allows accelerated multimedia applications to be developed and deployed across multiple operating systems and platforms. The OpenMAX IL API allows library and codec implementers to rapidly and…
august 2018
Portland's Best Breweries 2018 — Beervana
Portland, Oregon no longer has the most breweries in the world--though it
does have 75 or so--but it may have more great ones than any other city.
Trying to figure out which ones to see is a challenge, but if you're
visiting Portland in 2018, these are the breweries you should see.
beer  portland  travel 
august 2018
Cmder | Console Emulator
cmder is software package that provides great console experience even on Windows
cmd  console  windows  terminal  software  shell  command-line  tools  cli  development 
august 2018
ksm v1.6-dev | ksm
A fast, hackable and simple x64 VT-x hypervisor for Windows and Linux. Builtin userspace sandbox and introspection engine.
x86  virtualization  hypervisor  x86_64  Operating_systems 
july 2018
Walt Disney Animation Studios
The official website of Walt Disney Animation Studios.
3d  datasets  assets  animation  disney  free  graphics  models  opensource  path_tracing 
july 2018
Justin Peters
A digital artist who merges reality with his imagination.
art  photoshop  photography  image 
june 2018
A broad ML benchmark suite for measuring performance of ML software frameworks, ML hardware accelerators, and ML cloud platforms.
deep-learning  ai  ml  data-science  benchmarks  GPU  hardware  machine-learing  Machine-Learning  MachineLearning 
june 2018
Papers with Code : the latest in machine learning
Papers with Code highlights trending ML research and the code to implement it.
code  machinelearning  machine-learning  deep-learning  github  paper  papers  academic  ai  algorithms 
june 2018
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