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Let's Make Work Better. Research, ideas, and practices from Google and others, to put people first.
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9 weeks ago by nharbour - Buffer
Keep track where and when your team is. is a simple way to display the local time for members of your global, remote, nomadic team.
timezone  tool  remote  work  standup 
september 2016 by nharbour
How to Create an Always-On Video Conferencing Portal for your Remote Team | Process Street
Video conferencing for remote teams wastes time and money, to which 24/7 portals are the solution. Here's how to set up an always-on video conferencing portal.
video-conferencing  video  chat  hangout  google-hangout  remote  work 
june 2016 by nharbour
RemoteBase - Find the Best Remote Companies and Jobs
RemoteBase is a collection of 190+ remote companies and their profiles. See how these companies work and who's hiring.
remote  work  job  job-site  list  listing  remote-work 
june 2016 by nharbour
Workfrom — Best Places to Work Remotely in a City
The best places in a city to work remotely, based on recommendations by actual remote workers. See WiFi speeds, plugs, food and more before you go.
digital-nomad  work  working  places  cafe  coworking  travel 
october 2015 by nharbour
Find a Remote Job - The best apps for finding work wherever you are in the world by Product Hunt
A collection curated by Product Hunt, featuring products like Nomad List 2.0, Remote | OK, Remotive Jobs, Gigster 2.0, and We Work Remotely
remote  work  job  jobs  digital-nomad  freelance 
september 2015 by nharbour
Noble Samurai - Teleport Sundial
Stay on top of your group's locations and timezones.
sundial  remote  global  time  time-zone  timezone  sync  distribute  work  4hww 
july 2015 by nharbour
Places to Work in San Francisco
San Francisco, United States costs $4,601 per month to live and work remotely with 36 MBPS internet. San Francisco cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics about United States as a place to work remotely.
sfo  sanfrancisco  san-francisco  nomad  places  work  workspaces 
july 2015 by nharbour

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