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Irène DB on Twitter: "An extreme form of 'kamikaze loggias', informal structures characteristic of post-Soviet Tbilisi. Anarchic, vernacular extensions of Soviet buildings have been created since the 1990s, and now preside over the collective cityscape o
An extreme form of 'kamikaze loggias', informal structures characteristic of post-Soviet Tbilisi. Anarchic, vernacular extensions of Soviet buildings have been created since the 1990s, and now preside over the collective cityscape of the Georgian capital.

ph: Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk
4 days ago
EpubPress - Read the web offline
EpubPress is a browser extension for Chrome & Firefox for turning your favorite web content into ebooks.
ebooks  epub 
4 days ago
Des données des réseaux sociaux utilisées par le fisc : pourquoi ce n’est pas si simple
Il faudrait déjà qu'un seul site de l'admin FR fonctionne un peu correctement et ne soit pas digne d'un Brazil de Terry Gilliam, mais soit
6 days ago
GDC Vault - Designing for Mystery in Kentucky Route Zero
2013 / Over the course of its development and leading up to the release of its first episode, Kentucky Route Zero transformed significantly, moving from an objective-driven game full of puzzles with locks and keys to something more slow-paced, character-driven, and mysterious. We'll talk about this evolution, look at a few specific moments in the game with demonstrations of how exactly they changed over time, and reflect a bit on how designing for mystery shaped our process and the resulting game.
KRZ  KentuckyRouteZero 
4 weeks ago
The Scenography of Kentucky Route Zero - YouTube
This 2014 session from Cardboard Computer's Tamas Kemenczy discusses the environment design and cinematography of Kentucky Route Zero, and the use of theatrical stagecraft and slow cinema. Borrowing the lens of scenography, Kermenczy looks at some notable set designs, architecture, and filmmakers that influenced the game's art direction, and how it balances mood, realism and the mundane in its set pieces.
KRZ  KentuckyRouteZero 
4 weeks ago
Text-Only : No Cash Needed At This Cafe. Students Pay The Tab With Their Personal Data
Right now, Shiru Cafe in Providence doesn't have any sponsors. Ferris said the student information she and her staff are collecting will be used to narrow down the companies the cafe will bring on as sponsors. She said the student information is securely held and will not be sold to third-party companies.

"They're very good about keeping everyone's information close. They don't sell it, they don't do anything of that sort," Ferris said.
6 weeks ago
Consumer B Gone
Consumer B Gone
By admin
– June 18, 2008

Consumer B Gone enables you to block a shopping cart by just playing some tones out of your mobile phone speaker as a song or as a ringtone. Consumer B Gone is born from the incredible shock that the shopping cart wheel could be remotely locked if you tried to exit the supermarket parking lot.
8 weeks ago
Sublime Merge - Git, done Sublime
Git, done Sublime
Meet a new Git client, from the makers of Sublime Text
Git  SublimeText 
8 weeks ago
[nominal delivery draft, SOURCE Boston 18 April 2012] Criticality, Rejectionists, Risk Tolerance Daniel E. Geer, Jr.
[nominal delivery draft, SOURCE Boston 18 April 2012]
[nominal delivery draft, SOURCE Boston 18 April 2012]

Criticality, Rejectionists, Risk Tolerance
Daniel E. Geer, Jr.
Daniel E. Geer, Jr.
8 weeks ago
How to Tell Stories and Guide Players Through Level Design - YouTube
GDC 2015 talk by Blendo Games/Brendo Chung

Some bits about LEVEL DESIGN, guiding the player through architecture / topology / geography.

Too short.
BlendoGames  gamedev  LevelDesign  idTech 
8 weeks ago
08-IMG_6217.jpg (Image JPEG, 1766 × 1179 pixels)
"Phil Collins yes, but not that one.This is a strange collaboration/compilation of ambient, electronical, kraut, experimental, industrial, etc.. music with artists like Pye Corner Audio, Heroin In Tahiti, Demdike Stare, David Sylvian just to name few.

A sound installation and collaborative project with a survival station for the homeless in Cologne (color vinyl). "

"Double vinyl & booklet
Format: 30 x 30 cm
Pages: 32
Language: Eng.
Edition of 500 copies
Year: 2015

Texts by: Mark Fisher, Florian Schneider"
11 weeks ago
Ambient Performances - YouTube
This "Ambient Performances" set is an ongoing playlist-in-progress of live performance videos on YouTube of ambient music by a wide variety of musicians using a wide variety of equipment. There are two rules for it: Rule #1: I'm only including recordings I'd listen to without video. Rule #2: I'm only including recordings where the video gives some meaningful sense of a correlation between what the musician is doing and what the listener is hearing. Note: The list appears in reverse-chronological order, which means that the video listed as #1 is the most recent. When a new video is added, the current #1 becomes #2.
music  ambient  playlists  mixtapes 
11 weeks ago
I made a 2001-era emoji font! That you can use! – Monica Dinculescu
If you want to use it, you can download the font here, and use it as a font-face:

@font-face {
font-family: og-emoji;
src: url(/fonts/og-dcm-emoji.ttf);
.og {
font-family: og-emoji, sans-serif;
<span class='og'>💥</span>

If you’re going to use it, maybe give me some credit, because I spent an unhealthy amount of time on it. Also, if you’re DoCoMo, please don’t sue me. Emojineering comes only from the ❤.
emoji  font  pixels  NTT-DoCoMo 
11 weeks ago
(6) Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival (2016) - MUBI

Through the act of story-telling, this documentary operates as a cat cradle of past and speculative futures guided by American philosopher Donna Haraway whose theoretical framework crosses the subjects of science, technology, gender and species, proposing new ways of thinking beyond dualisms.
films  documentary 
12 weeks ago
Frog To Phone: Instant Emoji Feedback for the Real Web · daily
When I was fixing referrer logs to be fun again I had low expectations – feedback via links is sort of a dying art. Who has time to read web sites and link to them? Seems hard.

The genius of social media style “one click to send feedback” buttons is that it not only lowers the friction of sending feedback, but through smartphone push notifications makes that feedback instantaneous.

The web doesn’t really work that way by default, but I decided I could fake it.

The end result are the little frog, fire and other unicode emoji guys at the bottom of this post. Go ahead and tap/click the one below if you’re impatient – my phone and watch will light up. With a frog.
blogs  notifications  emoji 
12 weeks ago
わかめそばmogmog: VivoTab Note 8 で遊ぶ - ArchLinux インストール
64bit Bay Trail Atom CPU & 32 bit UEFI / bootia32.efi / Arch

Follow the Asus T100 several "guides/outlines" for similar systems.

The 32bit Atom SoCs + 32bit UEFI was another good idea (Clover..)
32bitUEFI  Asus  VivoTab  Note8  Linux  arch  AsusT100  notes 
august 2018
Sprites mods - Wifi E-ink display - Second attempt
RE driver board for an old Sony PRS-505's display (Pearl E-Ink?)
e-ink  eink  RE  blogs 
august 2018
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