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Dead Apple Pencil | Page 2 | MacRumors Forums
Might help someone, somewhere.

"Good news, I actually fixed two apple pencils. They really need a big note on the box, that you must charge once a month or so or the internal battery will die and not charge. One I found where power was easily accessible and forced a charge bypassing the charging circuit then it started working and charging. The other had a bad ground connection on the - side of the battery and I was able to fix that. Now I just need to turn some really nice pencil shells on my lathe"
Apple  ApplePencil  repairs  iPad 
ojack/hydra: Livecoding networked visuals in the browser
Set of tools for livecoding networked visuals. Inspired by analog modular synthesizers, these tools are an exploration into using streaming over the web for routing video sources and outputs in realtime.

Hydra uses multiple framebuffers to allow dynamically mixing, compositing, and collaborating between connected browser-visual-streams. Coordinate and color transforms can be applied to each output via chained functions (see "basic functions" and "editing transformation functions" below.)

Note: experimental/in development.
audio  graphics  programming  livecoding 
13 days ago
SimCity NES Prototype Archive : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
This archive contains:

- A digital ROM file of the game
- A commented source disassembly
- The game's soundtrack in MP3 and NSF formats
- Still images related to the game's marketing and development
- A game FAQ in PDF format
NES  ROM  prototype  RE 
24 days ago
Monome, grid controllers, PureData, SuperCollider, BitWig on linux, CSound, Cabbage, etc

('FoxDOT'?, "Soundhack")
reminders  audio  monome  forums  PureData  BitWig  linux  gridscontroller  SuperCollider  RaspberryPi  etc  NovationLaunchpad 
29 days ago
Ben Krasnow: Fast partial refresh on 4.2" E-paper display from Waveshare / Good Display
Google Drive link with Arduino firmware used in this project:

I bought the Waveshare devices on Aliexpress:

Datasheet with the 42-byte LUT format used in the 4.2" display, but not the exact correct part.

Interesting thread with other folks experimenting with LUTs on the 2.7" display.

Waveshare (distributor) datasheet

Good Display (manufacturer) datasheet

Waveform "theory" with class 7-5-7 pulse sequence:

My favorite microcontroller dev board, the Teensy:

The new awesome 5-series oscilloscope from Tek:
4 weeks ago
Ultimate Writer: an Open Digital Typewriter
"Ben Kraznow found a way to implement a faster partial refresh which let you refresh the screen in about 0.3 seconds, which is more than enough for a text editing device. He implemented this for the 4.3” screen, I sadly haven’t been able to implement the same kind of fast refresh for the 7.5” screen. (

Note: I’m going to dive in the nasty implementations details here and explain why we can’t have a fast refresh on the 7.5” screen for now. You may want to jump to the next section if you’re not interested."
4 weeks ago
Homebrew Hub
"A community-led attempt to collect, archive and save every unofficial game, homebrew, patch, hackrom for Game Boy produced by the community through decades of passionate work."
GBDEV  Homebrew  gamedev  archives  demoscene 
5 weeks ago
Typora — a markdown editor, markdown reader.
Folder struture view available, TXT/MD files and "live" fomatted view.
Export to many formats.

Markdown  notes 
6 weeks ago
30min on Vimeo
A 30 minute live session in orca and FL Studio

"I made a full 30 minute session with #ORCΛ today I like the second half more"
6 weeks ago
stock market music on Vimeo
'feeding a sequencer with stock market price. you can choose the symbol you want. for this demo, i am using IBM, APPLE and YAHOO.'
7 weeks ago
Learnable Programming
Bret Victor / September 2012
7 weeks ago
Buy Music Club
A website for curating and sharing playlists of independent music downloads available on Bandcamp.
music  bandcamp  via:yhancik 
8 weeks ago
That's Not a Proper Book
Aug 22, 2012

I made a book. Or rather, I printed out a web page as a book.
9 weeks ago
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