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London’s cycling Quietways are a mess. And they’re about to get a whole lot messier | CityMetric
" In many ways this very concept of a Quietway highlights everything wrong with London’s current cycling policy. Meekly they navigate old paths, side roads, and pedestrianised areas, inoffensive and inconvenient. It entertains the idea that you can radically improve cycle paths and encourage cycling without even slightly inconveniencing drivers – or even in this case, your own bottom line. In reality, however, not every policy can be liked by everybody. You can only entertain both sides for so long before you run out adequate space, money and support to deliver your ideas. "
cycling  london  politics 
november 2019 by np
CyclingCols - Main
"This website is a collection of unique and accurate information about cols in Europe, maintained by myself, Michiel van Lonkhuyzen (1977).

Since the late 90s I have been cycling through the mountaineous regions of Europe, measuring and recording the altitudes of roads. While cycling uphill and downhill I make pictures to capture the atmosphere of every col.

CyclingCols was first released at February 26th 2001, just built in Notepad and Paint. Because the number of cols on the site was growing fast, I decided to rebuild the site in 2004 using ASP pages and SQL Server. This version existed for more than 10 years until the current MySQL/PHP driven version was unveiled in the beginning of 2015.

Four years later, in 2019, CyclingCols got another re-design and technical update, introducing user interactivity."
cycling  data  europe 
october 2019 by np
Mike Hall's trans-Europe bikepacking race.
europe  cycling  bicycletouring  race 
february 2019 by np
How to Cycle 40,000 miles Round the World in 1000 Words - Alastair Humphreys
"A camping stove will save you lots of money and allow more flexibility in your plans. A multi-fuel stove is the best option for a long tour in far-off lands. You do not need a titanium spoon."
rtw  cycling  advice  adventure  bicycletouring 
february 2019 by np
Scrapped HS2 bike path 'five times better value than HS2 itself' | Environment | The Guardian
"In its response to the FoI, the Department for Transport said “neither DfT nor HS2 Ltd have any plans to fund the national cycleway”."


"HS2 Ltd did not respond to a request for comment."

Britain in a nutshell.
guardian  cycling  article  uk 
february 2019 by np
A Fighter Pilot’s Guide to surviving on the roads | Portsmouth CTC
A Fighter Pilot’s Guide to surviving on the roads This article first appeared in the forces pension society magazine Pennant and is reproduced here by kind permission of the editor. John Sullivan is a Royal Air Force pilot with over 4,000 flight hours, and a keen cyclist. Added September 06, 2018 at 01:09AM
Pocket  cycling  driving  safety  article 
september 2018 by np
Street fighter: how Jane Jacobs saved New York from Bulldozer Bob | Art and design | The Guardian
Street fighter: how Jane Jacobs saved New York from Bulldozer Bob Robert Moses was the despotic planner hellbent on building four-lane highways through neighbourhoods. She was the cyclist who stopped him. A new film, Citizen Jane, revisits their David and Goliath struggle for the soul of New York Added June 22, 2018 at 10:52AM
Pocket  toread  guardian  article  biography  nyc  cycling 
june 2018 by np
"Cycling from London to Paris was a massive learning curve for me because I’d never done any long-distance cycling before, let alone any kind of long-distance endurance event. So for those of you looking to take the challenge on here are my top 10 tips that I learned along the way.

1) Practice packing and carry your bags on training rides
I ended up strapping my backpack onto a luggage rack over my back wheel using bungee cords and the full bag added on considerable weight. It changed the handling of my bike and made going uphill considerably more hard-going, especially on the first day while my legs got used to it. I trained with a half-full bag which in hindsight was a bit pointless

2) Train with your buddies
Cycling as part of a group can be tricky and the more you can practice the easier it will be on the day. Learn and get used to all of the hand signals that you can use to indicate potholes, broken glass, parked cars and traffic lights to the riders behind you. By pointing these things out you’ll make it a safer ride for everyone

3) Decide on lunch stops and dinner locations in advance
We ended up having lengthy discussions most nights about where we were going to eat while we all got increasingly hangry. We managed to all stay friends but if you want to protect your friendships I’d highly recommend doing the research before you leave and agree on places in advance

4) Take it in turns to go at the front
For all of us there were moments where our bodies and/or minds wanted to give up and at these points drafting really came into its own. Drafting is when you tuck into the slipstream of the cyclist in front and it allows you to put in less effort because there’s less air resistance. However, if one person is always in front they will quickly get exhausted so take it in turns

5) Pack as little as possibly
Remember, halfway up a hill your 6kg bag will suddenly feel about 20kg so pack the bare minimum. Everyone will smell by day 3 so just embrace it and stop apologising. You can check out my packing list here and I can say that I packed light and used every single thing that I took

6) Stretch, stretch, stretch
Everything will hurt so take every opportunity you can to stretch out whatever feels tight. My back, bum and quads ended up feeling particularly tight so I tried to give them a good stretch each morning, evening and at rest stops

7) Pack plenty of snacks
Not all french villages have a shop and the ones that do sometimes close at odd times so make sure that you’ve always got enough fuel with you to keep you going to the next village. My favourite bits of fuel were haribo fizzy cola bottles and the peanut butter and jam sandwich that I carried with me on the first day

8) Remember that after the Eiffel Tower you have to get back on your bike
We went straight to the Gare du Nord after the Eiffel Tower to drop our bikes at EuroDespatch to be taken back to London and this was another 5.5 miles across Paris which none of us had really thought about. Plan in your route and stay mentally ready for more cycling

9) Keep hydrating
While we’re all pretty good at hydrating on the bike, it’s worth remembering that you need to keep up with the electrolytes throughout the evenings and the day after your ride too. As tempting as it is to have some alcohol also bear in mind that it can be dehydrating so drink plenty of water on the side to avoid having to cycle on a hangover the next morning

10) The recovery will be tough
I’ve never known exhaustion like when I returned home from Paris. Everyday that week I had to nap in the afternoon and the idea of getting back on my bike or even doing any exercise was nearly enough to make me cry. But you will get back there and you will get back on your bike because it wasn’t actually that bad. Was it?

What tips would you add to the list?
Posted in: Adventure, Cycling, Fitness Author: Sophie Kay"
cycling  uk  france  london  paris  tips  list 
april 2018 by np
How Lael Wilcox Rides 20,000 Miles Per Year -
"Most of us use our bikes to commute to work or school, or simply to have fun afterwards and on the weekends. And some of us take a few longer bike vacations throughout the year. But very few put in the amount of saddle time that Lael Wilcox does. For the past three years, she’s pedaled 20,000 miles every 12 months. That’s 1,666.66 miles per month on average. Lael admits that such mileage is “kind of insane.” This new video produced by Wired Magazine tells the story how Lael Wilcox does it."
bicycletouring  cycling  us  people  video  interview  post 
march 2018 by np
BBC Radio 1 - Greg James - Gregathlon: Pedal to the Peaks 2018 for Sport Relief

"Greg James attempted to climb three of the highest mountains in the UK and cycle the epic distances between them for BBC Radio 1’s Gregathlon: Pedal to the Peaks. Foiled by the extreme weather on Day 4 of his challenge, he's planning to return to take on Ben Nevis and complete his challenge."

"DAY 1: Snowdon and cycle to Daresbury - COMPLETE
DAY 2: Cycle from Daresbury to Nether Wasdale - COMPLETE
DAY 3: Cycle 5 miles, then climb Scafell Pike, then cycle to Abbington - COMPLETE
DAY 4: Cycle from Abbington to Fort William
DAY 5: Climb Ben Nevis"

This was postponed mid-way due to late Feb/early March 2018's bad weather in the UK, but as of now appears to be continuing...
bbc  post  uk  cycling  fitness  challenge  threepeaks  walking  hiking 
march 2018 by np
Is the UK really menaced by reckless cyclists? | Environment | The Guardian
"A BBC study found that fewer than half of driver convicted of offences in which a cyclist died went to jail. Other research has found large numbers of drivers keep their licences even after being repeatedly convicted of law-breaking. In 2015 a van driver, Christopher Gard, killed a cyclist as he sent a text at the wheel. It emerged in court Gard had six previous convictions for using a phone as he drove.

If you want to use law to make the roads safer, this might seem a better place to begin."
guardian  opinion  uk  cycling  law 
september 2017 by np
London to Cambridge | Good Bike Rides From London
Don't do this (although the initial canal route out of London is fine); do this instead:
uk  cycling  route  gpx 
september 2017 by np
No, a Bike License Fee Doesn’t Make Any Sense – Streetsblog Chicago
"Cities that operated licensing schemes for decades have abandoned their programs, citing low enforcement that fails to raise revenue to pay for the program. Ottawa, Ontario, found “limited benefits and significant challenges” and abandoned its proposal. Toronto abolished its 22-year bike licensing program in 1957 and the City Council declined to implement new programs three times since, citing the difficulty of maintaining a current database and licensing children, and noting that “licensing in and of itself does not change the behaviour of cyclists who are disobeying traffic laws.” As Active Transportation Alliance director Ron Burke told DNAinfo, “The cost to implement it would actually exceed the revenue generated.”"
bicycle  cycling  government  policy  post 
march 2017 by np
18 reasons why registering bicycles is a bad idea
1.There is no official support for the registering of bicycles. State governments have said the measure would be unnecessary and a waste of money.

2. Car registration doesn't "pay for the roads".

One study found drivers at fault four out of five times in serious collisions with cyclists.

3. Implementing such a scheme would be massively expensive.

4. Registration wouldn't raise much, if any, money. Administration costs would guzzle fees.

5. Cyclists pay in other ways. Bike riding is good for the economy - it eases congestion, reduces demand on public transport, doesn't cause pollution, doesn't use fossil fuels, and keeps people healthy – physically and mentally. A federal government report showed that a person who travels to work by bicycle saves the economy $21 for every round trip. That's almost $5000 a year for a committed commuter! Don't forget to thank them.

6. It would hit the poor.

Healthy initiatives like Ride2Work Day would face extra hurdles.

7. Registration would discourage people from cycling: Sure, keen cyclists would continue, but would all casual riders be bothered to sign up?

8. Bicycles aren't inherently dangerous.

9. Registering children's bikes would be doubly ridiculous.

10. Mounting a visible plate would be a challenge.

11. A vest system would be easily rortable.

No rego, no problem: police are still capable of performing their duties.

12. Police don't need rego plates to book cyclists.

13. We shouldn't have to buy our safety.

14. Registration is not a key way to save lives.

15. Police can't easily take action on eyewitness accounts.

16. The red-light issue is overblown.

17. Bikes have existed for more than a century. Why is registration an issue when bikes have been around for longer than cars?

18. No nation in the world has bike registration.
list  post  cycling  bicycle  policy  government 
march 2017 by np
Five reasons why bike rider registration is stupid | Bicycles Network Australia
1. Bike licensing will cost everyone more money, including motorists
2. Bike licensing will not make cyclists more accountable
3. Bike licensing will not reduce accidents or deaths
4. Bike licensing will reduce the number of bike riders
5. Bike licensing does not solve the problems
cycling  bicycle  list  post  policy  government 
march 2017 by np
Bike Share Map: London
Barclays / Santander / TfL cycle hire map of London, live.
map  london  cycling  bicycle  useful  tool 
december 2016 by np
Six of Spanish cyclist's 12 guards killed in Pakistan's wild west | Reuters
"He was assigned the escort by security forces because the province is plagued by kidnappers, Taliban militants, a violent separatist insurgency, sectarian killers, paramilitary death squads and drug traffickers."
cycling  rtw  pakistan  crime 
august 2016 by np
OS & IGN Maps
Overlay GPX routes on Ordnance Survey maps.
maps  cycling  UK 
march 2016 by np
Newbie - GPX files / Questions and Answers / OpenStreetMap Forum
How to download GPX files for the UK National Cycle Network routes:

"You can go to this wiki page which has a list of all of the NCN routes; … nal_Routes
Note it lists the route relations for each of these. If you click on the little "a", it takes you to the relation analyzer, which has the option to download a GPX. Specifically for NCN route 4, this is the link: … ionId=2204
So you can download the GPX from there."
howto  gpx  cycling  UK 
march 2016 by np
Safety campaigners blast 'lack of investment' for cycling in TfL's latest round of funding | Transport | News | London Evening Standard
"“More will be spent refurbishing one Tube station at Bank than will be spent over the next six years on making all of London’s roads safer for cyclists,” Mr McCarthy claimed."
london  article  cycling 
february 2016 by np
'Brutal' cyclist hit and run captured on video - BBC News. (Volvo WF64 WRK)
Nottinghamshire Police directly advise how to commit murder without consequences: (1) rent vehicle; (2) drive into victim; (3) refuse to admit to driving at the time. Even if you are caught on video, the police can do nothing at all to prosecute.
bbc  cycling  uk  police  crime  howto 
february 2016 by np
Push the Pedalways - The Avenues scheme - YouTube
Some willfully bad, life-endangering infrastructure well-documented.
video  cycling  infrastructure 
december 2015 by np
Game Theory – Beyond the Kerb
Deaths on London's roads are "the tragic consequence of terrible engineering". Truth. There's no excuse for this; city planners and HGV designers should be in court daily to defend their actions, if they can.
cycling  london  post  gametheory 
march 2015 by np
Cyclists need more than wheels of fortune - Comment - Voices - The Independent
"a person on a bike shouldn't have to think of herself as a potential victim any more than someone walking home late at night."
delicious_export_20150123  independent  uk  london  article  cycling 
august 2013 by np
How Britain has failed cycling | Latest News | Cycling Weekly
The definitive article. The Dutch succeeded by committing: in the 1960s they tore up junctions and even re-worked the national government's power over local authorities in order to radically improve cycling infrastructure. In the UK, cycling is always an under-funded afterthought.
delicious_export_20150123  cycling 
february 2012 by np
As Easy As Riding a Bike | Dawn Foster
An experienced cyclist quits cycling in London because she's scared of the criminally dangerous road layouts and drivers.
delicious_export_20150123  politics  london  cycling  post  cycling 
february 2012 by np
YouTube - bike lanes
Guy is ticketed by NYC police for leaving a bike lane to avoid obstacles. Proceeds to collide with all the obstacles he finds in bike lanes. Bollards, signs, bins, removal lorries, construction equipment, a taxi and a police car. Via
delicious_export_20150123  cycling  nyc  police 
june 2011 by np
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