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The Soothing Promise of Our Own Artisanal Internet | WIRED
Some prescribe a slower, less viral online existence. "Eat independent sites, mostly not Facebook."
(via lebaer00, in an analogy to using our old-fashioned planworld.)
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27 days ago by npdoty
Why I'm excited about decentralized social networks by Darius Kazemi, Oct 5 2018
My hope is that the utility of social networks being able to talk to one another leads to a flourishing of different kinds of software for different kinds of people. Maybe person A only cares about Instagram style stuff, so they post to Pixelfed and forget about everything else. Meanwhile their extremely nerdy friend B has a kind of Star Trek supercomputer interface that mixes blogs and photos and video channels and live streams and status updates from friends into an exquisitely sorted information management system. Both of those software interfaces can exist and everyone keeps plugging along happily. That's the web I want.
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october 2018 by npdoty
inessential: The Public Square
Twitter is *not* the public square. It just wants you to think it is. The web itself is the public square.
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august 2018 by npdoty
Cage the Mastodon - Official Mastodon Blog
An overview of features for dealing with abuse and harassment
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july 2018 by npdoty
Know Your Ecosystems!
It’s good to remember the disruptive spirit of the web, the things it changed, and the way that decentralizing can change lives and create opportunities. But it’s also wise, I think, to admit: This is just how it’s going to be for a while. We’re going to live with, and thus for, the giants.

What I’m doing is making a list of my relationships with each of the big companies, because they’re such a big part of my life.

I'm not quite as ready as Paul is to give up on decentralization for a while, but I do think recognizing these ecosystems and explicitly trying to understand those relationships is valuable.
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january 2018 by npdoty
inessential: 2018: Some Hope
The unruly web — unregulated and uncontrolled — is, perhaps paradoxically, the easiest place to limit hate. Not because we can stop people from publishing, but because we don’t have to live by Dorsey’s and Zuckerberg’s rules and designs.
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january 2018 by npdoty
Building Mastodon to be frozen - parker higgins dot net
Mastodon developers can make some choices now that could help preserve those communities — if only in a “frozen” form — after they are no longer active. And if done right, it could open up new possibilities for persistent presentation of ephemeral communities.
internet  decentralization  mastodon  web  archiving  history  yes  resilience  via:mastodon  xor 
may 2017 by npdoty
Introduction · ssb-handbook
Scuttlebutt is a decent(ralised) secure gossip platform.
distributed  socialnetworking  decentralization  mesh  gossip  via:mastodon 
april 2017 by npdoty
Democratize the Internet Now!
We could still live in that decentralized world, if we wanted to. Despite the rise of the all-seeing database, the core of the internet remains profoundly open. I can host it from my apartment, on a machine that costs $35. You can link to me from your site. Just the two of us. This is an age of great enterprise, no time to think small. Yet whatever enormous explosion tears through our digital world next will come from exactly that: an individual recognizing the potential of the small...
internet  decentralization  standards  indieweb  ashleymadison  privacy 
june 2016 by npdoty
The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment –
It’s interesting how often our allegedly “decentralized” technologies keep resulting in immense concentration of power among a few controlling parties.

Once that happens, the worst sides of those few people usually control the entire system: dogmatic disagreements, power struggles, and greed.
decentralization  governance  standards  bitcoin  sociology 
january 2016 by npdoty
inessential: Secret Projects Diary #1: Post-WWDC Notes
What upsets me about this issue in general is that it’s anti-democratic: it can make writing for the web more expensive and difficult for individuals. As a writer, reader, and open web partisan I dislike everything that shifts power away from people and toward entities with greater resources. What you end up with is corporate speech rather than the voices we know and love and need to hear.

This is a complex situation, though. I strongly believe in the right to privacy, and that encryption should be used much more widely than it is today, and that no organizations, official or otherwise, should have back doors.

Well. Anyway. More research and thought required on this one.

Identifying forced HTTP deprecation as "anti-democratic" and centralizing or resource intensive.
https  apple  legitimacy  democracy  decentralization  privacy  encryption 
june 2015 by npdoty
Will The Internet Just Fix Itself? - The Awl
So why not entertain the idea of an algorithmic labor union? Some sort of organization that might pit software optimized to serve Uber’s interest against software optimized to serve the collective interests of its drivers? One demands absolute efficiency and the lowest possible consumer cost; the other wants steady schedules and livable rates for the people providing the service. Just as software logistics sweeps through established industries, it could streamline unions, making them more efficient, less prone to political distraction, more effective, and less precious about the past. Wouldn’t that be great, if software could go to battle not just for the benefit of companies and their consumers but against itself, for the benefit of the people living under its new mandatory reality?
internet  techdel  via:email  algorithms  algorithmicregulation  software  ethics  decentralization 
april 2015 by npdoty
On backing up the whole Internet Archive in a distributed way.
internet  archive  backup  redundancy  availability  decentralization 
march 2015 by npdoty
We could have an open, user-controlled, ad-free Facebook
I like this comment about developers having a reason and an obligation to state that something is possible:
I'm not advocating anything. This isn't a proposal of any kind. But I thought about this the other day and asked myself the question -- is it possible? And I decided it is possible. So I thought, being a blogger and a developer and a user, as I am, that I should say that.

Also of note, Winer immediately posts this as the first comment:

BTW, every time I write a piece like this, I get spammed by the "IndieWeb" people.

They always say they're working on it, whatever it is, and drop a link to their site.

That's the definition, imho, of spam.

... in case we needed an explanation of why it was difficult to build these open, decentralized alternatives to social networking sites.
socialnetworking  indieweb  decentralization  engineering  possible  blogging  davewiner  facebook 
february 2015 by npdoty
Email Is Still the Best Thing on the Internet - The Atlantic
But email proves that this is not necessarily the case. Progress can come from much more distributed decision-making processes. The email protocol evolves based on the deliberations of the Internet Engineering Task Force, not by the fiat rule of a single company in Silicon Valley or New York.
standards  ietf  email  web  thewebwelost  decentralization  process 
august 2014 by npdoty
News Challenge - How can we strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation? - Superuser: Internet homeownership for anyone
Superuser will be a web application that deploys other open source apps to any computer a person has -- a central location for decentralizing your life.
newschallenge  decentralization  selfhosted  docker  konklone 
march 2014 by npdoty
The Farmer & Farmer Review . Mastery and Mimicry . The Heart of the Builder
If you asked people in 1989 what they needed to make their life better, it was unlikely that they would have said a decentralized network of information nodes that are linked using hypertext.
web  web25  decentralization  timbl  design 
march 2014 by npdoty
Google Abandons Open Standards for Instant Messaging | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Quotes Google itself heavily as support for why federation/decentralization are important; but EFF adds the idea that choice of service provider is important for privacy protection.
xmpp  google  standards  privacy  eff  decentralization  federation 
may 2013 by npdoty
Exploiting User Behaviors from Today’s Online Social Networks to Build Distributed Alternatives
A 140 character CS paper that simply asks:
"Can we make decentralized online social networks highly available by mining online trends of users on today's OSNs?"
tinytocs  via:twitter  cs  paper  socialnetworking  decentralization 
may 2013 by npdoty
Google Reader shutting down July 1 –
"It may suck in the interim before great alternatives mature and become widely supported, but in the long run, trust me: this is excellent news."

Regarding: what does it mean for the RSS/blogging ecosystem as a whole that Google Reader is disappearing? I like the decentralized optimism.
google  rss  googlereader  innovation  optimism  decentralization 
march 2013 by npdoty
"Tired of explaining to someone why their distributed social network won't work? I've made you a handy list!"
distributed  federated  decentralization  social  socialweb  humor  txt  via:twitter 
november 2012 by npdoty
Thimbl - Free Open Source Distributed Micro-blogging
A decentralized alternative to Twitter (in progress) based on finger daemons and plan files.
microblogging  twitter  finger  planworld  plans  federation  decentralization 
june 2012 by npdoty

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