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Sun terraces and lawns: Dutch residents transform parking spaces | World news | The Guardian
A mind-blowing idea: what if individual residents had the option to forgo cars and reclaim the street parking on their street for gardens and recreational areas?

And, an answer: motorists, even in the Netherlands where cars are used fairly rarely, will react with such anger that they will scream obscenities out their car windows at the individuals who dare to put flower carts in a parking space.
parking  cars  urbanplanning  theguardian  netherlands 
5 weeks ago by npdoty
Bay Area, a reluctant metropolis, needs to become enthusiastic instead -
The only way out of this is to stop being the reluctant metropolis and to become the enthusiastic metropolis — to move with energy and commitment to scale up the urban systems of the Bay Area.
spur  housing  sf  urbanplanning  sfchronicle  via:numtots  transit 
november 2018 by npdoty
Letter from urban planning professors at California universities, describing the causes of the housing crisis, potential solutions, support for SB 827 and transit-oriented development of dense housing and the necessity of new housing supply to address the crisis.
sf  housing  politics  sb827  berkeley  urbanplanning 
may 2018 by npdoty
The Wealth-Made City | Current Affairs
I've generally been frustrated by proposals that people who live in a particular area should be able to vote to control anything that happens in that area subsequently. But this article also describes in fine detail the painful outcomes that can occur from making urban planning decisions purely financial -- that it can prevent housing for people (in much the way that NIMBY neighbors can block housing for the young, or the old, or the poor, or people of other races).
gentrification  development  urbanplanning  yimby  nimby  via:rss 
november 2017 by npdoty
“The Power Broker”: A Game Design Competition — Medium
Adapt a seminal work of urban design literature into game form. Win cash prizes and the coveted Robert Moses Cup!
robertmoses  techdel  games  urbanplanning  design 
august 2016 by npdoty
How San Francisco's Progressive Politics Led to Its Housing Affordability Crisis - CityLab
Perhaps we are witnessing the birth of a new hybrid culture, drawing on aspects of the city’s earlier radicalism and a youth culture focused on business innovation—a fusion of the counter culture and Silicon Valley.

Does the author know about _From Counterculture to Cyberculture_? I'm guessing not, it's just an interesting coincidence.

I'm surprised by how defeatist this is; it's an article blaming high housing prices on lack of building and concluding that it's too late / impossible to actual return prices to their former values, so we'll just have to get used to a city with dual populations.
sf  housing  california  cities  urbanplanning  spur  defeatist  counterculture 
july 2015 by npdoty
Email-a-Tree Service Doesn't Go As Planned, But in the Best Possible Way - CityLab
Dear Green Leaf Elm,

I hope you like living at St. Mary's. Most of the time I like it too. I have exams coming up and I should be busy studying. You do not have exams because you are a tree. I don't think that there is much more to talk about as we don't have a lot in common, you being a tree and such. But I'm glad we're in this together.


Emailing trees! YES.
email  trees  urbanforestmap  urbanplanning  mapping  melbourne  australia  city  awesome 
july 2015 by npdoty
This New App Lets You Report Cars Parked In Bike Lanes So They Can Be Towed Like They Deserve | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
"We're not out here to ruin people's lives or tow people endlessly," he says. "It's all a behavioral shift to make our societies function better. Really, we just want people to think about how their actions are impacting others."
bikes  urbanplanning  app  society 
may 2015 by npdoty
Shifting Gears: Oakland's Bicycling Future
"The deal is you bike and you get to arrive safely, and it's safe or safer than being in a car. Then people would do it."
oakland  bikes  schaaf  urbanplanning  safety 
march 2015 by npdoty
Melbourne Urban Forest - Visual
The City of Melbourne has a really nice detailed map of all 70,000 trees.
environment  opendata  trees  urbanplanning  urbanforest  map  australia 
january 2015 by npdoty
The Boom Interview: Rebecca Solnit | Boom: A Journal of California
So what’s the matter with San Francisco? It’s becoming a bedroom community for Silicon Valley, while Silicon Valley becomes a global power center for information control run by a bunch of crazy libertarian megalomaniacs.
She repeats "bedroom community" several times. But that doesn't seem to be an accurate representation of San Francisco at all. More tech companies want to be in SF itself; and tech people are present everywhere, not absent.
They couldn’t have chosen a better vehicle to be kind of scary and sinister, these things that look like, as I put it in another interview, a cross between armored personnel carriers and limousines, except that they’re much bigger than either of those. They are bigger than—they’re so fucking huge.
On the symbolism of the buses themselves. I can sort of see it, based on size, but it's also a little strange: I mean, it's a bus!
You can’t be doing what people have been doing in my tenure in San Francisco, which is to do something part time for a living, but do for free with no expectation of return what you’re passionate about, whether it’s human rights or environmentalism or painting or poetry or scholarship. That scope to be poor and idealistic no longer exists, and it was those poor idealistic people that made the great culture of San Francisco.
[Cf. "gift economies" piece from mewestin05]
That is one of the big questions of Silicon Valley: with that much money, where is our golden age? You think you’re the Medicis. Where is your patronage? We’re not seeing great cultural patronage. Not that I like the word “patronage,” but that’s what the Medicis did. We’re not seeing giveback. We’re not seeing engagement. We’re not seeing people saying, “We’re the great innovators. Here’s how we’re going to solve the housing problem.” They’re just like, “Oh, you just need to deregulate, and things will magically become beautiful and inclusive.” And it’s like, “Yeah. We’ve heard that story before with free trade and corporate globalization and stuff.” It was incoherent then, and it’s incoherent now.
solnit  sf  urbanplanning  housing  patronage  google  googlebus  gifteconomy  siliconvalley 
june 2014 by npdoty
It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way | TechCrunch
"Other startups do all this stuff to build a culture. They bring in ping pong tables. They have happy hours. But what we do to differentiate ourselves is our social responsibility."

I particularly like the sentiment of the title; the focus on the Zendesk vs. voted-down community benefit plans; highlighting a few positive cases, but I think we'll need more.
sf  tech  housing  urbanplanning  community 
january 2014 by npdoty
How San Francisco creates its own housing crisis - SFGate
Supervisor Scott Wiener:
Welcome to housing policy in San Francisco: a policy based not so much on our city's dire housing needs but on who can turn out the most people at a public hearing.
housing  sf  urbanplanning  nimby  valencia  mission  1050valencia 
january 2014 by npdoty
Why housing costs keep rising in San Francisco — Where have you been? City, Neighourhood, and Travel — Medium
The answer to rising housing costs in SF is building more housing. (This article is novel in suggesting that slight increases to density in the Sunset to make it more like Noe would make a big difference itself; and noting that the Mission is already much more dense than the rest of the city.)
sf  housing  urbanplanning  rent 
january 2014 by npdoty
It's Not Too Late to Make San Francisco Affordable Again. Here's How - Gabriel Metcalf - The Atlantic Cities
Whoa, from the SPUR director who wrote the most comprehensive article on the problems in SF housing, an enumeration of what we need to do to fix the problem. Adding more supply is the key, but this is a pretty detailed list, including protecting rent control housing and specifics around creating below-market-rate housing.
sf  housing  urbanplanning  spur  oakland 
january 2014 by npdoty
enoughalready » San Francisco Is Eating Itself
You can’t afford newbie rent, you’ve been here since 1994, you’ve set up your whole life around paying 1994 rent, so now you’re fucked.
sf  urbanplanning  housing  tech  rent  rentcontrol  via:twitter 
january 2014 by npdoty
Twitter tax break snubs community…again — Medium
The Citizen’s Advisory Committee votes against Twitter (and Microsoft, and a couple other companies, all except Zendesk) and their proposed plan for community involvement to justify their SF tax break. However, last year the same disapproval happened and the city continued the agreement anyway.
tech  taxes  sf  urbanplanning  community  twitter 
january 2014 by npdoty
For San Francisco, 'Cure' Is Worse Than High-Rise 'Disease' - New York Times
When San Francisco announced an elaborate plan to sharply restrict high-rise office construction in its downtown area in 1983, the proposal was hailed as the boldest step any large city in the country had taken to limit growth. The plan was widely expected to put an end to years of debate about the ''Manhattanization'' of San Francisco's downtown.

I wasn't aware of any of this history in specific terms. I'm particularly surprised that "Manhattanization" was a scary word, a concept to be avoided, rather than a description of density that we all want.
sf  urbanplanning  New_York_Times_(Org)  manhattan 
december 2013 by npdoty
What Tech Hasn’t Learned From Urban Planning -
A very specific op-ed on the lack of interactions and public spaces in SF tech offices.
sf  urbanplanning  tech  community  cities 
december 2013 by npdoty
Could the key to SF’s affordability crisis lie 50 miles south? - The Technology Chronicles
"dearly wish more articles about SF housing crisis and tech backlash were as balanced & thoughtful as 's here"
Another good take on housing crisis, including key points about San Jose and Oakland.
sf  housing  urbanplanning  oakland  sanjose 
december 2013 by npdoty
Invisible Child: Dasani’s Homeless Life - The New York Times
Intense, important, well-written, sad, clarifying. Also, a well-design Web article; I'd love to see more like this.
cities  homeless  nyc  important  urbanplanning  shelter  New_York_Times_(Org)  newspaper  journalism 
december 2013 by npdoty
San Francisco zoning: Needs more density and tall buildings.
But Brooklyn is actually twice as dense as San Francisco. San Francisco, in fact, is less densely populated than Queens. For San Francisco to be as dense as Manhattan, it would have to house 3.2 million people instead of 805,000.

I often tell people that SF should just double its housing; now I know that that would make it roughly the density of Brooklyn. This author suggests quadrupling it to match the density of Manhattan.
sf  housing  nyc  brooklyn  manhattan  urbanplanning 
december 2013 by npdoty
Anti-development backlash hits San Francisco - San Francisco Business Times
“You are seeing a real class protectionism where homeowners are trying to stop other people from coming into the neighborhood,” said Metcalf. “You add up all the battles over many years and the result is what we know today -- a city which is too expensive for most normal San Franciscans to afford.”
spur  sf  urbanplanning  housing  protectionism  neighborhood  potrero 
december 2013 by npdoty
Backlash by the Bay: Tech Riches Alter a City
Uses Peter Shih and Dia de los Muertos as the key anecdotes for the backlash against the influx of tech and rise of housing prices in the Mission. (The Dia de los Muertos connection is key because many locals used it as a protest march against rich tech people moving in, but the article uses it as an example of a solemn ritual becoming too much a Halloween party. I'm not convinced that's accurate.)
sf  mission  urbanplanning  housing  diadelosmuertos  petershih  gentrification  New_York_Times_(Org) 
november 2013 by npdoty
The San Francisco Exodus - Gabriel Metcalf - The Atlantic Cities
Why we should build more housing in SF and how it will help middle income families, and why the urban planning situation here requires thinking about Oakland and San Jose and Berkeley too.
sanfrancisco  housing  sf  oakland  urbanplanning  spur  cities  rent  publictransit 
november 2013 by npdoty
Oakland Planning Director Cuts Off Latham Square Pilot, Lets Cars Back In | Streetsblog San Francisco
A sad die for pedestrians and bicyclists. Also, planner notes that they don't know how to measure pedestrian or bicycle traffic!
oakland  transit  pedestrians  metrics  traffic  cars  bikes  urbanplanning 
november 2013 by npdoty
Complete Streets Chicago
RT : Chicago: "The walking public will be given primacy in the design and operation of all CDOT projects and programs"

"All transportation projects and programs, from scoping to maintenance, will favor pedestrians first, then transit riders, cyclists, and automobiles."

Why aren't all city transit systems designed this way? It is so frustrating to walk through a city (flaneur-like) and note how all the architecture is designed for all the cars and specifically not for you. I love how Chicago is explicitly ordering the stakeholders, and putting pedestrians first and transit second.

Defines a typology (design patterns, almost), guiding principles/values, as well as process and procedures.
chicago  transit  pedestrians  via:twitter  via:enf  flaneur  walking  patterns  values  values-in-design  architecture  urbanplanning 
april 2013 by npdoty
Motionloft | Real-World Analytics
Technology (via cameras?) for counting pedestrians over time and in different locations, mostly used to provide analytics data to retail.
urbanplanning  pedestrians  analytics 
december 2012 by npdoty
Flickr: "ufm:tree="
All the photos on Flickr that are tagged with which Urban Forest Map trees are pictured. (Also a good example of informal creation of metadata standards.) Currently only has a single photo, but you can subscribe to an RSS feed of all photos with such tags, so now I'll automatically be notified when more photos like this are tagged.
flickr  urbanplanning  machinetags 
january 2011 by npdoty
Urban Forest Map
Collecting the location, species and diameter of every tree in San Francisco. Awesome.
maps  mapping  sanfrancisco  trees  urbanplanning  urban 
january 2011 by npdoty

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