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Effective Standards Work, Part 2: Threading the Needle | Infrequently Noted
An argument for having more impact on Web features by working iteratively on feature designs outside of a traditional standard-setting process, with some explanation as to how those actually work and some complaints.

There’s a meta-critique of formal standards and the defacto-exclusionary processes used to create them. This series didn’t deal in it deeply because doing so would require a long digression into the laws surrounding anti-trust and competition.
standards  web  w3c  via:octodon  wicg  whatwg  multistakeholder  participation 
august 2018 by npdoty
Cage the Mastodon - Official Mastodon Blog
An overview of features for dealing with abuse and harassment
harassment  federation  decentralization  mastodon  abuse  via:octodon 
july 2018 by npdoty
Fork Awesome, a fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit
A fork of Font Awesome that is accepting new icons, including a Mastodon icon. Might be worth switching.
via:octodon  icons  opensource 
february 2018 by npdoty
Crag's impossibly slender alien plants reach kilometres into a blue sky. The colonists live in towering cities of steel and glass beneath the planet's open sky, beside rivers that flow into the planet's oceans. They spend their time pursuing art, leisure, and spiritual fulfilment, while automatic machines take care of their material needs. Traders and diplomats from the planet's native nations are occasionally seen in the colonists' communities. In the first city stand monuments to ...
utopia  games  scifi  future  via:octodon  ai 
january 2018 by npdoty

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