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Texas Taste Test: Hacienda de Chihuahua Sotol | Features | Food and Drink | A.V. Austin
It’s one of those incredibly dangerous types of booze that goes down so easy that by the time you realize how drunk you are, the judge is already making an example of you to the whole community.
food  drinks  booze 
august 2009
San Francisco Crimespotting
Google-map like interface to crime statistics. Shake the crime stick!
sanfrancisco  crime  data  visualization  maps 
august 2009
Screws and Nails
Selecting and using the correct nail or screw
diy  hardware  howto  hobbies 
august 2009
RFID blocking wallets and passport cases
travel  security  privacy 
august 2009
Detexify LaTeX handwritten symbol recognition
From a drawing, finds the closest LaTex math glyph
reference  search  math  tool  text 
july 2009
5757 on Vimeo
Video of ILM from 1976-78, when it was in Van Nuys
film  ilm  vfx  history 
july 2009
"how to research your san francisco building" using sf public library resources
"How old is it? Who built it? Who lived in it? Are there any photographs of it?" and more
sanfrancisco  architecture  history  reference 
june 2009
Welcome To Popcorn Hour
Set-top video box, supports lots of codecs w/ removable drive bay.
consume  video  electronics 
june 2009
IBM Model M keyboards for sale
consume  computers  hardware  retro 
june 2009
Rice Boy
Great, imaginative comic. Inventive, beautiful and haunting images.
comics  art  online 
june 2009
Anonymous Pro
Monospaced font for programmers; windows and mac only?
programming  text  fonts 
june 2009
Custom self-contained hanging Wall-PC
Convert a laptop into a wall-mounted display
diy  electronics  laptop  howto  projects 
may 2009
The Buddhabrot
Some algorithms to render fractals a different way
fractals  math  visualization  programming  graphics  art 
may 2009
Pandora-enabled wifi radio
radio  consume  internet  appliance 
april 2009
The Journal of Cartoon Over-analyzations
Articles, some serious some not, analyzing animation from the audience's perspective
humor  blog  animation  culture 
april 2009
In the Pipeline:
Synthetic organic chemist's blog; articles about chemicals that will explode at the slightest glance
blog  science  chemistry  boom 
march 2009
BibliOdyssey: The Book of Eclipses
17th/16th century illuminated text about eclipses
art  history  astronomy  book 
march 2009
IEEE Xplore - Login
"A fast impulsive contact suite for rigid body simulation" Schmidl, H.; Milenkovic, V.J. Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on Volume 10, Issue 2, March-April 2004 Page(s):189 - 197
academic  papers  rigidbody  simulation  collision 
february 2009
Academic Earth - Video lectures from the world's top scholars
Vidcaps of full lectures on various academic subjects; heavily slanted towards science and math
academic  archive  video  information  videos 
january 2009
Robots - The Old Robots Web Site
Home/hobbyist/toy robots from the 80's onward
toyrobots  toys  robots  history  archive 
january 2009
linux based media server software
linux  free  music  computers  audio  diy 
january 2009 - San Francisco
Free drinks/happy hours in SF. Everybody get boozed up and riot!
free  drinks  food  sanfrancisco 
january 2009
OTA HD stations in your area; with antenna requirements for each
television  hdtv  information 
january 2009
daily deal notifications
consume  bargains 
january 2009
Pizza Hack: Broil Your Pies | Serious Eats
Make good pizza with a cast iron skillet. P.S. Death to the word "hack"
cooking  recipes  food 
december 2008
Pretty recipe site; lots of images
food  recipes  photography 
december 2008
Radio Shack Catalogs
Archive of Radio Shack catalogs from 1939
tech  electronics  archive  history  retro  catalogs 
december 2008
How to make cracklins
Rough recipe for making pork cracklins at "home" (i.e. outside on a propane burner)
recipes  food  americansouth  unhealthy  death  pork 
november 2008
Illusrated timeline for PRIMER
Illustration explaining the multiple timelines in the movie PRIMER.
movies  reference  information 
november 2008
Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)
The corpus contains more than 360 million words of text, including 20 million words each year from 1990-2007, and it is equally divided among spoken, fiction, popular magazines, newspapers, and academic texts.
language  reference  archive 
october 2008
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