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Catullus 16 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"I'm gonna fuck you guys up the ass and shove my cock down your throats"
Ah, the poetry of the Romans!
art  poetry  writing  history 
november 2009 TRICUT.CXX
Bizarre online archive of this non-free software
research  geometry  code 
november 2009
tricut.pdf (application/pdf Object)
TRICUT: A program to clip triangle meshes using the RAPID and TRIANGLE libraries and the visualization toolkit
pdf  research  geometry 
november 2009
Site where you can search for mp3's posted on music blogs to download.
music  download 
november 2009
Civil Defense - a set on Flickr
Bomb shelter plans, etc. from 1962 gov't pamphlet
war  history  howto  diy  death 
november 2009
Ice Spikes
Explanation and empirical data on the formation of ice spikes in ice-cube trays
science  information 
november 2009
Gorm bookshelf into bookshelf bench
ikea  diy  furniture 
november 2009
Otter Creek - South Harrison Observatory
Ham radio operator builds antenna and listens to Apollo 11 astronauts on the moon.
science  radio  tech  diy  space 
november 2009
Quitting the Paint Factory by Mark Slouka « adamantine
Good essay about the necessity of idleness and vanishing space it is allowed in modern life. Unfortunately veers off the rails in the last section about Bush.
essay  writing  leisure 
november 2009
MJRainey - El Silbo
Radiotelephone transmitter that runs on the power of microphone; no battery required
electronics  projects  radio  diy 
november 2009
Torchlight on Steam
Single-player Diablo/NWN like game from indie studio
videogames  games  d&d 
november 2009
What We Talk About When We Talk About Jeff Dunham - Backlashes - Videogum
Amusing smackdown of virulent racist ventriloquist "comedian" Jeff Dunham
culture  smackdown  hate  america 
november 2009
Draw the sketch of your accident online and free
Unusual single-use sketching web app: draw a picture of your car accident for the insurance report
web  car  insurance  graphics 
october 2009
Blend Your Salsa: A Tale of Two Salsas
Two interesting salsa recipes/ one easy one hard
food  recipes  cooking 
october 2009
concept ships
Spaceship concept art
october 2009
The Terran Trade Authority
Web site about the world surrounding "Spacecraft from 2000-2100" that I had as a kid
october 2009
In praise of the sci-fi corridor - Den of Geek
Great essay on the design (and designers) behind some famous sci-fi movie corridors
scifi  design  art  history  movies 
october 2009
Puzzle Forge - Twisty Puzzles
Jason Smith's insane hand made face turning dodecahedral puzzle with 4 slices per face
puzzles  diy  math  work 
october 2009
Mono-Block Tube Amplifier
Lots of other stuff too, including a $240 synthetic aperture radar
projects  diy  tube  audio  electronics 
september 2009
digitized doodle dome
spherical etch-a-sketch plus some motors and controllers equals a pretty nifty spherical display
art  diy  electronics  projects  map 
september 2009
Dick Balzer's Website: Homepage
A giant collection of magic lanterns, zoetropes, thaumatropes, phenakistoscopes, and other optical toys
art  history  film  mechanical 
september 2009
Art Nouveau Doorways - a set on Flickr
Lovely collection of art nouveau doorways in Paris, Brussels, etc.
architecture  europe  photgraphy  history 
september 2009
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