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LRB · Peter Campbell · Why does it take so long to mend an escalator? (print version)
Escalators, the cost of maintenance and what it says about public infrastructure in general
technology  history 
october 2010
Douglas-Peucker algorithm 2d polyline simplification
Source code, although the algorithm is pretty trivial
research  2d  geometry  code  algorithms 
october 2010
Keeping Bits Safe - ACM Queue
An excellent analysis of the possibility, and expense, of storing a large amount of data for a long time
computing  analysis  hardware 
october 2010
rand0m walk: Mirages
How the principle of least action creates mirages
physics  math 
october 2010
Spillway: Children of the Bunker
Daleks as the perfect instance of the "bunker mentality"
scifi  television  writing 
october 2010
Cover are of old science fiction paperbacks
scifi  books  art 
october 2010
Tommy Westphall - A Multiverse Explored
How nearly every television show is the dream of that autistic child from St. Elsewhere
reference  television  tv  entertainment 
september 2010
Dashboards and Instrument Panels
Control panels, packed with buttons and switches
photography  hardware  gadgets  airplanes  space 
september 2010
Mao, King Kong, and the Future of the Book - Triple Canopy
Fun interview with Dan Visel: founder of Voyager and Criterion, inventor of the DVD commentary track, the electronic book, etc.
interview  technology  books  computers 
august 2010
Fantastic Zoology
A graphical interpretation of J.L. Borges "Book of Imaginary Beings"
art  books 
august 2010
Here Is Where
HERE IS WHERE is an all-volunteer initiative created by the Legacy Project to find and spotlight little known and unmarked historic sites throughout the United States.
architecture  history  america  art 
august 2010
The Illusiveness of the Entirely Useless | MetaFilter
"defunct and useless objects, attached to someone's property and aesthetically maintained."
japan  art 
august 2010
Calculator company list
70's calculator porn. So many rectangular buttons!
vintage  design  hardware 
august 2010
Physics References - Chris Hecker's Website
An Annotated Bibliography for Rigid Body Dynamics
rigidbody  physics  research  reference 
august 2010
Project: Paper-Clone
Make a papercraft clone of yourself. Kind of 1996 game-engine-y
diy  papercraft 
july 2010
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