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View Classic Films Available on DVD - Columbia Classics
Classic and neglected movies, burned to disk on demand
film  movies  consume 
november 2010
Abandoned Communities
Detailed histories of towns that have died out or been abandoned
history  england 
november 2010
Stuxnet: A Breakthrough | Symantec Connect
More info about the purpose and structure of the stuxnet worm
stuxnet  computers  security 
november 2010
Jon Rafman
Google street view photos
photography  art 
november 2010 Lighting Challenges
Many production-quality scenes and assets in many formats.
research  geometry  data  3d 
november 2010
History, plans and diagrams of the V2
history  ww2  rocketry  science 
november 2010
Acceleration Profiles
Acceleration profile of the shuttle during launch and landing
shuttle  space  hardware 
november 2010
Launch Viewing: Where & How to Watch, View and See Space Shuttle Launches
Space shuttle launch viewing tips. It won't be useful to me again, alas
howto  shuttle 
november 2010
A second draft of a non-technical article on universality
Statistical distributions that are common across lots of different areas of science
science  math  physics 
october 2010
The Revolution Will Not Be ‘Liked’ | The Hairpin
Amusing mockery of Gladwell's piece on social media
humor  culture 
october 2010
The hard edge of empire - Charlie's Diary
Charles Stross being angry about steampunk's historical igorance
scifi  literature  rant 
october 2010
ALIEN HARDWARE - Space 1999 Eagle Transporter Forum
Photos of original models from ALIEN, posted and discussed by some of the modelers
scifi  movies  vfx 
october 2010
3D Models
Bunny, happy Buddha, horse, Athena, etc.
3d  geometry  graphics 
october 2010
LRB · Peter Campbell · Why does it take so long to mend an escalator? (print version)
Escalators, the cost of maintenance and what it says about public infrastructure in general
technology  history 
october 2010
Douglas-Peucker algorithm 2d polyline simplification
Source code, although the algorithm is pretty trivial
research  2d  geometry  code  algorithms 
october 2010
Keeping Bits Safe - ACM Queue
An excellent analysis of the possibility, and expense, of storing a large amount of data for a long time
computing  analysis  hardware 
october 2010
rand0m walk: Mirages
How the principle of least action creates mirages
physics  math 
october 2010
Spillway: Children of the Bunker
Daleks as the perfect instance of the "bunker mentality"
scifi  television  writing 
october 2010
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