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Rebrickable - What Can You Build?
Enter the sets you own and it tells you what else you can build, including a tabulation of any pieces you're missing. Impressive!
lego  toys 
september 2011
Guilloches | The Ministry of Type
The math of the fancy anti-counterfeit patterns on banknotes
art  design  math  money 
september 2011
Old S.F.
Nifty map of SF linked to old photos.
maps  interactive  sanfrancisco  history 
august 2011
USENIX 2011 Keynote: Network Security in the Medium Term, 2061-2561 AD - Charlie's Diary
Charlie Stross on the importance of computer security in the future. Add several grains of salt before consumption.
security  scifi  talks  futurism 
august 2011
algorithm - Convex hull of 4 points - Stack Overflow
Efficiently determine the convex hull/convexity of four 2D points
mathematics  geometry  2D 
august 2011
Who Can Name the Bigger Number?
Good essay about (and the history of) defining very large numbers
mathematics  science 
august 2011
Anne Sellors - IMDb
Least impressive IMDB page possible
film  humor 
july 2011
CLIWOC Repurposed
Daily lat/long readings from merchant ships logs (1750-1810)
maritime  history  maps 
july 2011
A Long, Strange Trip Downwind Faster Than the Wind | Autopia |
You can sail faster than the wind and experts faceplant attempting to deny it
science  technology  ha 
june 2011
The Technium: The Clock in the Mountain
Some details, and some goopy prose, about the Long Now Foundations 10,000 year clock
technology  culture 
june 2011
Dr Who Girl's Knickers
The world's largest collection of underpants of women who worked on "Doctor Who"
weird  television  collections  gallery 
june 2011
One Bay Area: Maps / Travel Time & Housing Prices
Excellent ineractive map of commute times / house prices
work  travel  sanfrancisco 
june 2011
The 7th Marquess of Bath's eccentric homepage
england  aristocracy  crazy  ha 
june 2011
joel daniels research page
Quadrilateral Mesh Simplification
research  geometry  graphics 
june 2011
John Swartzwelders (ex Simpsons writer) self published books
books  humor 
june 2011
Inside Movies Since 1920
Scanned back issues of "Box Office" magazine, dating back to 1925
film  history  archive 
may 2011
Clasp32 QXCI Panel Shots Tour.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x375 pixels)
The world's best UI, befitting the world's most useful crazy-pants software
graphics  medicine  ui  awesome 
may 2011
Patton Oswalt | Posters
Buy Patton Oswalt show posters
comedy  art  posters  consume 
may 2011
On TermKit | Steven Wittens -
A prettier, more useful(?) but certainly more cluttered take on the xterm, using webkit
unix  hci  osx 
may 2011
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