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longitarsus jacobaeae
Tansy ragwort eating bug
home  plants  howto 
may 2016
StereoPhoto Maker (English)
Make anaglyphic stereo images (among others)
3d  free  photography  windows 
march 2016
This isn't the advice you're looking for | MetaTalk
Including the infamous fedora man and anonymous banjo
advice  humor  cringe  metafilter 
march 2016
Natural Crit - D&D Tools
Create pages that look like 5th edition
text  d&d  rpgs  design 
february 2016
3D Scan Dataset
RGBD scans of objects. Image sequences but some have been turned into PLY files
research  3d  models  download  vision 
february 2016
Comparison of tshirt sizes and how they shrink
clothing  data 
january 2016
Inside the Big Trak - Robot Room
Contains a great explanation of why the IN key didn't do anything
electronics  hardware  robot  toys 
december 2015
Peter Norvig: Probability, Paradox, and the Reasonable Person Principle
In this notebook, we cover the basics of probability theory, and show how to implement the theory in Python. Then we show how to solve some particularly perplexing paradoxical probability problem
math  programming  python 
october 2015
Cyberpunk as hell
art  design  80s  tumblr 
august 2015
Microsoft/bond · GitHub
Microsoft's schematized data serialization code (i.e. MS protobuf)
c++  microsoft  software 
july 2015
Prof. Dr. Style
The aesthetic of academic web pages ca. 1995 (and forever)
design  history  internet 
june 2015
Venn diagram of lunacy
Psuedoscience, religion, quackery, conspiracy and the paranormal, all in one jumbled chart
loons  charts 
may 2015
Stanley Plane Typing MegaChart
Determine the manufacturing date of a Stanley plane
woodworking  tools 
may 2015
[no title]
Barn owl nesting box plans
woodworking  home  todo  pdf 
april 2015
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