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Oh, shit, git!
Git sucks and I hate it
git  howto  reference 
may 2019
Stuff in Space
Amazing visualization of all satellites and (large) debris in Earth orbit
science  space  visualization 
april 2019
AMOS | Project Overview
The "Archive of Many Outdoor Scenes"
Unlabeled webcam images
academic  archive  images  research 
march 2019
Generate a panorama
Draw the horizon (incl. geography) from any point and direction, and identifies mountains
maps  tools 
february 2019
Is Sunscreen the New Margarine? | Outside Online
We regret to inform you that sunscreen is bad now
health  science 
january 2019
Sake Cocktail Recipes
'Melting Snow', with cherry syrup instead of grenadine is great
alcohol  drinks  recipes 
january 2019
Perturbation techniques applied to the Mandelbrot set
Perturbation techniques applied to the Mandelbrot set
fractals  math 
october 2018
daniilidis-group/msckf_mono: Monocular MSCKF ROS Node
See "A Multi-State Constraint Kalman Filter for Vision-aided Inertial Navigation"
research  work  robots 
august 2018
John Lanchester · After the Fall: Ten Years after the Crash · LRB 5 July 2018
How governments reactions to the 2008 crisis have not solved the issues that led to it, and increased inequality
economics  finance  politics 
june 2018
Considerations On Cost Disease | Slate Star Codex
Interesting but flawed discussion of the increases in cost of certain things (health care, education) that seem to come without an increase in quality of outcome
june 2018
Deep Reinforcement Learning Doesn't Work Yet
Good explanation of RL along with good reasons why is fails so much
dnn  research  ml 
june 2018
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