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Using Silk Road
Bitcoin and Silk Road discussion and analysis
drugs  security  money  society  computers 
february 2013 by nrrd
Apollo 11 and Other Screw-Ups
computers  history  space 
december 2011 by nrrd
Access Main Computer File
Screencaps of computer UI from movies
computers  movies  design 
april 2011 by nrrd
Stuxnet: A Breakthrough | Symantec Connect
More info about the purpose and structure of the stuxnet worm
stuxnet  computers  security 
november 2010 by nrrd
Mao, King Kong, and the Future of the Book - Triple Canopy
Fun interview with Dan Visel: founder of Voyager and Criterion, inventor of the DVD commentary track, the electronic book, etc.
interview  technology  books  computers 
august 2010 by nrrd
History of the term 'fanboy'
history  computers  technology 
may 2010 by nrrd
Apple's New Thing (iPod) - Mac Forums
2001 snapshot of a web forum about the iPod.
"hey - heres an idea Apple - rather than enter the world of gimmicks and toys, why dont you spend a little more time sorting out your pathetically expensive and crap server line up?"
history  computers  apple 
february 2010 by nrrd
IBM Model M keyboards for sale
consume  computers  hardware  retro 
june 2009 by nrrd
linux based media server software
linux  free  music  computers  audio  diy 
january 2009 by nrrd
Computer Geeks-Welcome!!
Your direct link on the Web to the hottest deals on computer products. For the best discounts, don't be a Dork...Shop with the Geeks!
consume  computers 
november 2003 by nrrd

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