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Inside the Big Trak - Robot Room
Contains a great explanation of why the IN key didn't do anything
electronics  hardware  robot  toys 
december 2015 by nrrd
Infinite Grid of Resistors
The resistance between any two nodes in an infinite grid of 1 ohm resistors
electronics  math  physics 
march 2015 by nrrd
Ken Shirriff's blog: A dozen USB chargers in the lab: Apple is very good, but not quite the best
Analysis and teardown of many different USB chargers. Some of those power curves are hilarious.
electronics  hardware  phone  tablet 
october 2013 by nrrd
Homemade T.E.A. Lasers.
Build a simple ultraviolet laser
hardware  electronics  diy 
september 2010 by nrrd
MJRainey - El Silbo
Radiotelephone transmitter that runs on the power of microphone; no battery required
electronics  projects  radio  diy 
november 2009 by nrrd
Mono-Block Tube Amplifier
Lots of other stuff too, including a $240 synthetic aperture radar
projects  diy  tube  audio  electronics 
september 2009 by nrrd
digitized doodle dome
spherical etch-a-sketch plus some motors and controllers equals a pretty nifty spherical display
art  diy  electronics  projects  map 
september 2009 by nrrd
Welcome To Popcorn Hour
Set-top video box, supports lots of codecs w/ removable drive bay.
consume  video  electronics 
june 2009 by nrrd
Custom self-contained hanging Wall-PC
Convert a laptop into a wall-mounted display
diy  electronics  laptop  howto  projects 
may 2009 by nrrd
Radio Shack Catalogs
Archive of Radio Shack catalogs from 1939
tech  electronics  archive  history  retro  catalogs 
december 2008 by nrrd

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