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Garfield text
The words from every Garfield strip ever, in order.
comics  archive  humor  failure 
november 2013 by nrrd
World's least funny piece of "humor" writing
humor  augh  failure 
may 2013 by nrrd
Roko's Basilisk wants YOU - Charlie's Diary
More about the AI hell to which I am doomed
ai  sf  computing  failure  humor 
march 2013 by nrrd
Roko's basilisk - RationalWiki
Reading this webpage will doom you to an eternity of torture by an AI invented in the future in an alternate universe
ai  culture  failure  humor 
march 2013 by nrrd
Prince August Catalogue
The worst UI for a catalog ever
hobbies  diy  supplies  failure 
january 2013 by nrrd
Article | First Things
Amanda McKittrick Ros' terrible, wonderful prose
"When on the eve of glory, whilst brooding over the prospects of a bright and happy future, whilst meditating upon the risky right of justice, there we remain, wanderers on the cloudy surface of mental woe, disappointment and danger, inhabitants of the grim sphere of anticipated imagery, partakers of the poisonous dregs of concocted injustice. Yet such is life."
literature  humor  failure  history 
october 2012 by nrrd

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