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Animation Anecdotes #171 | Cartoon Research
"Head Stooge" Moe Howard helped to develop an early rotoscoping technique, called Animascope, using actors in special costumes and makeup.
animation  film  history 
august 2014 by nrrd
Letters of Note: Some Thoughts on Our Business
Famous letter by Katzenberg, which reads like it was written yesterday
history  film 
december 2011 by nrrd
Anne Sellors - IMDb
Least impressive IMDB page possible
film  humor 
july 2011 by nrrd
Inside Movies Since 1920
Scanned back issues of "Box Office" magazine, dating back to 1925
film  history  archive 
may 2011 by nrrd - The "What's The Hold-up?" FAQ
The legal/music licensing tangles preventing some TV shows from being released in DVD
law  film  television 
april 2011 by nrrd
Magnificent Obsession | Classic | Vanity Fair
How the Magnificent Ambersons was butchered by the studio, and the quest for the lost reels/ "real" cut
film  history 
december 2010 by nrrd
View Classic Films Available on DVD - Columbia Classics
Classic and neglected movies, burned to disk on demand
film  movies  consume 
november 2010 by nrrd
Fan edits galore
editing  film  fandom 
may 2010 by nrrd
Interviews with directors
film  interview  artists 
march 2010 by nrrd
Top 50 movie special effects shots - Den of Geek
A fine selection of cutting edge, well done effects shots. Not necessarily the most flashy, but the most convincing
movies  vfx  film 
november 2009 by nrrd
Dick Balzer's Website: Homepage
A giant collection of magic lanterns, zoetropes, thaumatropes, phenakistoscopes, and other optical toys
art  history  film  mechanical 
september 2009 by nrrd
5757 on Vimeo
Video of ILM from 1976-78, when it was in Van Nuys
film  ilm  vfx  history 
july 2009 by nrrd

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