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The Real American Pie | Feature | Chicago Reader
A short cultural history of mince pie in America. But why did the mince pie disappear so quickly from American tables?
food  america  history 
december 2010 by nrrd
Fine Wine « You Are Not So Smart
Experts cannot tell the difference between red/white wines, or cheap/expensive wines
wine  food  science  idiots 
june 2010 by nrrd
Japanese-only snacks and special food editions
food  japan  consume 
april 2010 by nrrd
My Paper Crane
Cheat sheet for which fruits and vegetables should be bought organic and which don't matter
food  consume  cooking 
april 2010 by nrrd
Taste disturbances after pine nut ingestion : European Journal of Emergency Medicine
"Pine nut mouth" - a metallic taste that persists for days after eating pine nuts, specifically from China.
food  weird  medicine  china 
april 2010 by nrrd
The Smart Set: A Matter of Convenience - March 5, 2010
"Every time I think about [IncrEdibles eggs and cheese in a tube], I am attacked by the one-two sensory punch of smelling Velveeta and hearing fake cheese squelch like living, spiral-shaped food slugs twisting around one another."
food  essay  fatties  america 
march 2010 by nrrd
Good Eats Fan Page
Recipes, transcripts, equipment lists, etc.
food  cooking  howto  reference 
january 2010 by nrrd
Blend Your Salsa: A Tale of Two Salsas
Two interesting salsa recipes/ one easy one hard
food  recipes  cooking 
october 2009 by nrrd
The Alton Brown Flower Pot Smoker
Cheap bbq smoker, made from terracotta flower pots and thrift store components.
diy  food  cooking  howto  bbq 
september 2009 by nrrd
Texas Taste Test: Hacienda de Chihuahua Sotol | Features | Food and Drink | A.V. Austin
It’s one of those incredibly dangerous types of booze that goes down so easy that by the time you realize how drunk you are, the judge is already making an example of you to the whole community.
food  drinks  booze 
august 2009 by nrrd - San Francisco
Free drinks/happy hours in SF. Everybody get boozed up and riot!
free  drinks  food  sanfrancisco 
january 2009 by nrrd
Pizza Hack: Broil Your Pies | Serious Eats
Make good pizza with a cast iron skillet. P.S. Death to the word "hack"
cooking  recipes  food 
december 2008 by nrrd
Pretty recipe site; lots of images
food  recipes  photography 
december 2008 by nrrd
How to make cracklins
Rough recipe for making pork cracklins at "home" (i.e. outside on a propane burner)
recipes  food  americansouth  unhealthy  death  pork 
november 2008 by nrrd
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