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Vector games 32c3 - Trammell Hudson's Projects
Vector graphics and displays. History and technology
graphics  history  videogames 
9 weeks ago by nrrd
Ground-to-orbit visualization, tech demo
videogames  downloads  graphics 
october 2016 by nrrd
[no title]
webgl CSG craziness
3d  geometry  graphics  csg 
december 2011 by nrrd
joel daniels research page
Quadrilateral Mesh Simplification
research  geometry  graphics 
june 2011 by nrrd
Clasp32 QXCI Panel Shots Tour.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x375 pixels)
The world's best UI, befitting the world's most useful crazy-pants software
graphics  medicine  ui  awesome 
may 2011 by nrrd
3D Models
Bunny, happy Buddha, horse, Athena, etc.
3d  geometry  graphics 
october 2010 by nrrd
CiteSeerX — Geometric Optimization
Converting a triangulated surface into a less dense polygonal surface
geometry  3d  graphics  research 
june 2010 by nrrd
Object/Object Intersection
Collision detection of many primitives against others.
graphics  math  geometry  physics  research  3d  simulation 
february 2010 by nrrd
Draw the sketch of your accident online and free
Unusual single-use sketching web app: draw a picture of your car accident for the insurance report
web  car  insurance  graphics 
october 2009 by nrrd
The Buddhabrot
Some algorithms to render fractals a different way
fractals  math  visualization  programming  graphics  art 
may 2009 by nrrd
Art Fag City » IMG MGMT: 20 Archetypes
Sources and a bit of info on some standard graphics models and images
graphics  research  images  reference 
august 2008 by nrrd
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