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Apollo 11 vs USB-C Chargers
It would take 4 USB-C chargers to get to the moon
computing  hardware  space 
16 days ago by nrrd
USB 3.0 Camera Module
Global shutter camera modules
camera  research  work  hardware 
august 2017 by nrrd
Microscope photographs of microchips
technology  art  hardware 
july 2016 by nrrd
Inside the Big Trak - Robot Room
Contains a great explanation of why the IN key didn't do anything
electronics  hardware  robot  toys 
december 2015 by nrrd
Ken Shirriff's blog: A dozen USB chargers in the lab: Apple is very good, but not quite the best
Analysis and teardown of many different USB chargers. Some of those power curves are hilarious.
electronics  hardware  phone  tablet 
october 2013 by nrrd
United States Cell Coverage Map - OpenSignal
Coverage maps for different carriers across the US
hardware  consume  cellphone 
Thousands of words (and 66 footnotes in Hebrew) on whether specific types of electric shavers are permissible
consume  health  hardware  religion  philosophy 
april 2012 by nrrd
NuForce Icon uDAC-2
USB powered DAC/headphone amp
consume  hardware  audio 
december 2010 by nrrd
Acceleration Profiles
Acceleration profile of the shuttle during launch and landing
shuttle  space  hardware 
november 2010 by nrrd
Keeping Bits Safe - ACM Queue
An excellent analysis of the possibility, and expense, of storing a large amount of data for a long time
computing  analysis  hardware 
october 2010 by nrrd
Homemade T.E.A. Lasers.
Build a simple ultraviolet laser
hardware  electronics  diy 
september 2010 by nrrd
Dashboards and Instrument Panels
Control panels, packed with buttons and switches
photography  hardware  gadgets  airplanes  space 
september 2010 by nrrd
Calculator company list
70's calculator porn. So many rectangular buttons!
vintage  design  hardware 
august 2010 by nrrd
MAS 863 - David Carr
Super-cheap ($90) 3-axis milling machine
diy  hardware 
june 2010 by nrrd
The quest for dumping GameBoy Boot ROMs!
Reference to "Neviksti from CherryRom forums announced that he had been able to extract the BIOS image from the original GameBoy by decapping the chip, staining the ROM, and using a really powerful microscope to individually resolve and read out each bit one by one."
hardware  videogames  insane 
february 2010 by nrrd
Gallery of Processor Cache Effects
Some simple examples of how L1,L2,L3 caching affects code speed
Computers are hard
computing  programming  hardware  information 
february 2010 by nrrd
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