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Oh, shit, git!
Git sucks and I hate it
git  howto  reference 
may 2019 by nrrd
longitarsus jacobaeae
Tansy ragwort eating bug
home  plants  howto 
may 2016 by nrrd
Launch Viewing: Where & How to Watch, View and See Space Shuttle Launches
Space shuttle launch viewing tips. It won't be useful to me again, alas
howto  shuttle 
november 2010 by nrrd
Best fishing knots and rope knots
Flash animation of how to tie various knots
video  howto  knots 
march 2010 by nrrd
Good Eats Fan Page
Recipes, transcripts, equipment lists, etc.
food  cooking  howto  reference 
january 2010 by nrrd
Civil Defense - a set on Flickr
Bomb shelter plans, etc. from 1962 gov't pamphlet
war  history  howto  diy  death 
november 2009 by nrrd
The Alton Brown Flower Pot Smoker
Cheap bbq smoker, made from terracotta flower pots and thrift store components.
diy  food  cooking  howto  bbq 
september 2009 by nrrd
Lost foam casting aluminum parts
diy  howto  projects  metalworking 
august 2009 by nrrd
Screws and Nails
Selecting and using the correct nail or screw
diy  hardware  howto  hobbies 
august 2009 by nrrd
Custom self-contained hanging Wall-PC
Convert a laptop into a wall-mounted display
diy  electronics  laptop  howto  projects 
may 2009 by nrrd
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