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Tommy Wiseau
AVC: What do you think Philip Haldiman brought to the role of Denny?

TW: I think he brought a lot stuff. One thing was people actually, he’s really retarded a little bit.
movies  humor  interview 
december 2017 by nrrd we can't both be right.
Hacker news is stupid, and this is funny
humor  programming 
march 2017 by nrrd
This isn't the advice you're looking for | MetaTalk
Including the infamous fedora man and anonymous banjo
advice  humor  cringe  metafilter 
march 2016 by nrrd
[no title]
Pessimal Algorithms, simplexity and the slowsort
programming  computing  humor 
january 2014 by nrrd
Garfield text
The words from every Garfield strip ever, in order.
comics  archive  humor  failure 
november 2013 by nrrd
World's least funny piece of "humor" writing
humor  augh  failure 
may 2013 by nrrd
Roko's Basilisk wants YOU - Charlie's Diary
More about the AI hell to which I am doomed
ai  sf  computing  failure  humor 
march 2013 by nrrd
Roko's basilisk - RationalWiki
Reading this webpage will doom you to an eternity of torture by an AI invented in the future in an alternate universe
ai  culture  failure  humor 
march 2013 by nrrd
Dogs in Elk
Dogs in elk! Dogs in elk!
humor  animals 
january 2013 by nrrd
Ask Curiosity : The New Yorker
Freezing to death in a sand pit can make a robot bitter
humor  newyorker  space  mars 
october 2012 by nrrd
Article | First Things
Amanda McKittrick Ros' terrible, wonderful prose
"When on the eve of glory, whilst brooding over the prospects of a bright and happy future, whilst meditating upon the risky right of justice, there we remain, wanderers on the cloudy surface of mental woe, disappointment and danger, inhabitants of the grim sphere of anticipated imagery, partakers of the poisonous dregs of concocted injustice. Yet such is life."
literature  humor  failure  history 
october 2012 by nrrd
Ain't no one fucks with tiny hippo
comics  humor 
february 2012 by nrrd
Anne Sellors - IMDb
Least impressive IMDB page possible
film  humor 
july 2011 by nrrd
John Swartzwelders (ex Simpsons writer) self published books
books  humor 
june 2011 by nrrd episode iii, the backstroke of the west redux
The origin of "Do not want" et al. God bless the Chinese
humor  starwars 
april 2011 by nrrd
Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die | Magazine
Patton Oswalt on the death of geek culture. Starts with a good premise but loses its way
culture  humor  essay 
december 2010 by nrrd
The Revolution Will Not Be ‘Liked’ | The Hairpin
Amusing mockery of Gladwell's piece on social media
humor  culture 
october 2010 by nrrd
Jandrew Edits
Edits of ST:TNG episodes
humor  video  startrek 
april 2010 by nrrd
WTF Comcast
Amusing movie summaries from comcast vod
december 2009 by nrrd
Classic old "translation" of a RI seminar announcement. "We describe how to get around our office on a skateboard that we built ourselves."
humor  text  robotics  cmu 
september 2009 by nrrd
The Journal of Cartoon Over-analyzations
Articles, some serious some not, analyzing animation from the audience's perspective
humor  blog  animation  culture 
april 2009 by nrrd
McGonagall Online
Worst poet in the world,
worst  poetry  history  humor 
january 2009 by nrrd
For You
One-off comics based on historical figures
history  comics  humor 
march 2008 by nrrd
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