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A Winelike Sea - Lapham’s Quarterly
What does the phrase "wine dark sea" mean & how did the ancient Greeks conceptualize color?
literature  history  greece 
august 2013 by nrrd
Article | First Things
Amanda McKittrick Ros' terrible, wonderful prose
"When on the eve of glory, whilst brooding over the prospects of a bright and happy future, whilst meditating upon the risky right of justice, there we remain, wanderers on the cloudy surface of mental woe, disappointment and danger, inhabitants of the grim sphere of anticipated imagery, partakers of the poisonous dregs of concocted injustice. Yet such is life."
literature  humor  failure  history 
october 2012 by nrrd
Ship Maneuvers - <i>H.M.S. Surprise</i>
Ship maneuvers during the battle with the French fleet in H.M.S. Surprise
literature  maritime  reference  maps 
january 2011 by nrrd
"A strangely hasty, agitated meal." - AubreyMaturin PatrickO'Brian rats | Ask MetaFilter
Exactly the question I had, answered 7 months ago on MeFi. The internet can be amazing
literature  history  maritime 
january 2011 by nrrd
The hard edge of empire - Charlie's Diary
Charles Stross being angry about steampunk's historical igorance
scifi  literature  rant 
october 2010 by nrrd

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