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One Page Dungeon
Generates maps, and a couple little location keys
rpg  tool  maps 
12 weeks ago by nrrd
Generate a panorama
Draw the horizon (incl. geography) from any point and direction, and identifies mountains
maps  tools 
february 2019 by nrrd
Louisiana Loses Its Boot – Matter – Medium
Corrected silhouette of Louisiana to reflect land lost to dredging and climate change
maps  america 
august 2017 by nrrd
Map of Kamandi
Greatest fantasy map in history.
"Domain of the Devils (Insect Revolution)" Gorilla communes! KangaRat Murder Society!
maps  comics  awesome 
july 2014 by nrrd
The City from the Valley, 2012 | Stamen Design
Documenting and mapping the private shuttlebus roues from SF to the valley
design  maps  sanfrancisco 
september 2012 by nrrd
Polygonal Map Generation for Games
Random map generation, with source code
games  maps  programming 
august 2012 by nrrd
Old S.F.
Nifty map of SF linked to old photos.
maps  interactive  sanfrancisco  history 
august 2011 by nrrd
CLIWOC Repurposed
Daily lat/long readings from merchant ships logs (1750-1810)
maritime  history  maps 
july 2011 by nrrd
Ship Maneuvers - <i>H.M.S. Surprise</i>
Ship maneuvers during the battle with the French fleet in H.M.S. Surprise
literature  maritime  reference  maps 
january 2011 by nrrd
If the Earth Stood Still
What would happen to the oceans if the Earth stopped spinning
science  maps  whatif 
july 2010 by nrrd
San Francisco Crimespotting
Google-map like interface to crime statistics. Shake the crime stick!
sanfrancisco  crime  data  visualization  maps 
august 2009 by nrrd

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