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Clasp32 QXCI Panel Shots Tour.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x375 pixels)
The world's best UI, befitting the world's most useful crazy-pants software
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may 2011 by nrrd
Ships Captain's Medical Guide
The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide is intended primarily for use on ships where no doctor is carried and it is necessary for laymen to assess and treat injuries and to diagnose and treat ill health. The Guide can also be recommended for use in other situations where professional medical advice is not readily available, for example on expeditions
health  reference  medicine 
april 2011 by nrrd
Taste disturbances after pine nut ingestion : European Journal of Emergency Medicine
"Pine nut mouth" - a metallic taste that persists for days after eating pine nuts, specifically from China.
food  weird  medicine  china 
april 2010 by nrrd

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