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StereoPhoto Maker (English)
Make anaglyphic stereo images (among others)
3d  free  photography  windows 
march 2016 by nrrd
Space Trek
"The quiet despair of the Starship Enterprise"
photography  startrek 
september 2012 by nrrd
Jon Rafman
Google street view photos
photography  art 
november 2010 by nrrd
Dashboards and Instrument Panels
Control panels, packed with buttons and switches
photography  hardware  gadgets  airplanes  space 
september 2010 by nrrd
Zoomable Spitzer imagery
Fully-zoomable, high-definition 800,000-image mosaic of the galazy
astronomy  photography  science 
june 2010 by nrrd
Cosmos : 1 of 91
Astrophotography and commentary
astronomy  photography 
february 2010 by nrrd
Matt Blaze: Notes from the No Lone Zone
Description of and reflection on Titan II missile silo and MAD
history  military  writing  photography 
december 2009 by nrrd
Pretty recipe site; lots of images
food  recipes  photography 
december 2008 by nrrd

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