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Hacker news is stupid, and this is funny
humor  programming 
march 2017 by nrrd
Header file to stub all sse intrinsics into Neon, for using SSE code on ARM processors
sse  neon  arm  x86  programming 
february 2017 by nrrd
mame/quine-relay: An uroboros program with 100 programming languages
This is a Ruby program that generates Scala program that generates Scheme program that generates ...(through 100 languages in total)... REXX program that generates the original Ruby code again.
programming  insane 
september 2016 by nrrd
Halide is a programming language designed to make it easier to write high-performance image processing code on modern machines. Its front end is embedded in C++. Compiler targets include x86/SSE, ARM v7/NEON, CUDA, Native Client, and OpenCL.
image  language  programming  c++ 
july 2016 by nrrd
Peter Norvig: Probability, Paradox, and the Reasonable Person Principle
In this notebook, we cover the basics of probability theory, and show how to implement the theory in Python. Then we show how to solve some particularly perplexing paradoxical probability problem
math  programming  python 
october 2015 by nrrd
KD tree implementation w/ raytracing
geometry  algorithms  math  programming  sourcecode 
august 2014 by nrrd
[no title]
C implementation of Tropp et al's "A fast triangle to triangle intersection test for collision detection"
math  programming  code  c++  geometry 
february 2014 by nrrd
[no title]
Pessimal Algorithms, simplexity and the slowsort
programming  computing  humor 
january 2014 by nrrd
mapgen2.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)
Random map/island generator using Voronoi cells
map  programming  rpgs 
september 2012 by nrrd
Polygonal Map Generation for Games
Random map generation, with source code
games  maps  programming 
august 2012 by nrrd
JPL C Coding Standard
Fairly restrictive (no dynamic memory allocation, for example) but understandably so
programming  reference  nasa 
august 2012 by nrrd
How Not To Sort By Average Rating
Assessing the variance of numerical ratings to create better "averages"
programming  math 
may 2012 by nrrd
They Write the Right Stuff
The programmers who wrote the shuttle's flight software
programming  software  space 
january 2012 by nrrd
Worse Is Better
The classic essay along with commentary on its genesis and reception
programming  essay  history 
october 2011 by nrrd
Time on a unix system, including some helpful reference and advice
programming  reference  software  unix  time 
october 2011 by nrrd
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