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Sake Cocktail Recipes
'Melting Snow', with cherry syrup instead of grenadine is great
alcohol  drinks  recipes 
january 2019 by nrrd
Blend Your Salsa: A Tale of Two Salsas
Two interesting salsa recipes/ one easy one hard
food  recipes  cooking 
october 2009 by nrrd
Pizza Hack: Broil Your Pies | Serious Eats
Make good pizza with a cast iron skillet. P.S. Death to the word "hack"
cooking  recipes  food 
december 2008 by nrrd
Pretty recipe site; lots of images
food  recipes  photography 
december 2008 by nrrd
How to make cracklins
Rough recipe for making pork cracklins at "home" (i.e. outside on a propane burner)
recipes  food  americansouth  unhealthy  death  pork 
november 2008 by nrrd

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