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Oh, shit, git!
Git sucks and I hate it
git  howto  reference 
may 2019 by nrrd
A collection of mathematical proofs
math  reference 
july 2016 by nrrd
J! Archive
A fan-created archive of every clue and question ever posed on Jeopardy
games  reference  tv 
october 2012 by nrrd
JPL C Coding Standard
Fairly restrictive (no dynamic memory allocation, for example) but understandably so
programming  reference  nasa 
august 2012 by nrrd
Time on a unix system, including some helpful reference and advice
programming  reference  software  unix  time 
october 2011 by nrrd
Ships Captain's Medical Guide
The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide is intended primarily for use on ships where no doctor is carried and it is necessary for laymen to assess and treat injuries and to diagnose and treat ill health. The Guide can also be recommended for use in other situations where professional medical advice is not readily available, for example on expeditions
health  reference  medicine 
april 2011 by nrrd
Index of ./Library/
Awful URL, but a diverse collection of (mostly old) PDFs
books  pdf  reference 
march 2011 by nrrd
Ship Maneuvers - <i>H.M.S. Surprise</i>
Ship maneuvers during the battle with the French fleet in H.M.S. Surprise
literature  maritime  reference  maps 
january 2011 by nrrd
Tommy Westphall - A Multiverse Explored
How nearly every television show is the dream of that autistic child from St. Elsewhere
reference  television  tv  entertainment 
september 2010 by nrrd
Physics References - Chris Hecker's Website
An Annotated Bibliography for Rigid Body Dynamics
rigidbody  physics  research  reference 
august 2010 by nrrd
ITT: Creepy Wikipedia pages. - IGN Boards
Some guy's list of strange wikipedia pages
wikipedia  reference  weird 
april 2010 by nrrd
Math nerds, nerding out
math  reference 
march 2010 by nrrd
The Doctor Who Scarf
Entirely too much information about Tom Baker's scarf
tv  history  reference  weird  scifi 
january 2010 by nrrd
Good Eats Fan Page
Recipes, transcripts, equipment lists, etc.
food  cooking  howto  reference 
january 2010 by nrrd
Detexify LaTeX handwritten symbol recognition
From a drawing, finds the closest LaTex math glyph
reference  search  math  tool  text 
july 2009 by nrrd
"how to research your san francisco building" using sf public library resources
"How old is it? Who built it? Who lived in it? Are there any photographs of it?" and more
sanfrancisco  architecture  history  reference 
june 2009 by nrrd
Illusrated timeline for PRIMER
Illustration explaining the multiple timelines in the movie PRIMER.
movies  reference  information 
november 2008 by nrrd
Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)
The corpus contains more than 360 million words of text, including 20 million words each year from 1990-2007, and it is equally divided among spoken, fiction, popular magazines, newspapers, and academic texts.
language  reference  archive 
october 2008 by nrrd
Art Fag City » IMG MGMT: 20 Archetypes
Sources and a bit of info on some standard graphics models and images
graphics  research  images  reference 
august 2008 by nrrd

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