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One Page Dungeon
Generates maps, and a couple little location keys
rpg  tool  maps 
october 2019 by nrrd
Printable Heroes
Color printable paper minis
ad&d  pathfinder  d&d  rpg 
december 2016 by nrrd
The Believer - Destroy All Monsters
A meditation on D&D, games, what it means to win, and finally, meeting Gary Gygax
rpg  games  history 
march 2011 by nrrd
Dungeons & Dragons - 3rdedition - Home
Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition - Forums, reviews, cartoons, articles, resources and more.
entertainment  rpg 
december 2003 by nrrd
PCGen :: News
PCGen is an open source character generator for role-playing games. It currently is aimed at supporting as many RPGs as humanly possible.
entertainment  rpg 
december 2003 by nrrd / Reviews
Filled with unique and interesting computer, tabletop, card, and roleplaying game columns, as well as daily news from the gaming community, is the perfect choice for the gamer who's sick of the typical.
entertainment  rpg 
december 2003 by nrrd

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