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Dr Who Girl's Knickers
The world's largest collection of underpants of women who worked on "Doctor Who"
weird  television  collections  gallery 
june 2011 by nrrd - The "What's The Hold-up?" FAQ
The legal/music licensing tangles preventing some TV shows from being released in DVD
law  film  television 
april 2011 by nrrd
Spillway: Children of the Bunker
Daleks as the perfect instance of the "bunker mentality"
scifi  television  writing 
october 2010 by nrrd
Tommy Westphall - A Multiverse Explored
How nearly every television show is the dream of that autistic child from St. Elsewhere
reference  television  tv  entertainment 
september 2010 by nrrd
OTA HD stations in your area; with antenna requirements for each
television  hdtv  information 
january 2009 by nrrd

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