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Digital Domain Media Group Analysis
Financial analysis of DD: "Since DDMG is selling at a price substantially above $0.00 when it has negative shareholder equity and no history of earnings, a fair amount of optimism is already baked into the stock price"
vfx  movies  work  finance  ow 
september 2012 by nrrd
Banned From The Ranch | VFX Business
The story behind 'Banned at the Ranch'
history  vfx  ilm  movies 
may 2011 by nrrd
Lines blurring between animated, live action films -
A fluff article, but it mentions Rango and ILM heavily
vfx  movies  ilm 
january 2011 by nrrd
ALIEN HARDWARE - Space 1999 Eagle Transporter Forum
Photos of original models from ALIEN, posted and discussed by some of the modelers
scifi  movies  vfx 
october 2010 by nrrd
Top 50 movie special effects shots - Den of Geek
A fine selection of cutting edge, well done effects shots. Not necessarily the most flashy, but the most convincing
movies  vfx  film 
november 2009 by nrrd
Dr. Grordbort's Rayguns from Weta
Weta Workshop's nifty raygun models. Now available in plastic for non-insane prices
vfx  weta  scifi  consume  toys 
november 2009 by nrrd
5757 on Vimeo
Video of ILM from 1976-78, when it was in Van Nuys
film  ilm  vfx  history 
july 2009 by nrrd

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