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New Chronology (Fomenko) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Strange chronology of Europe; all history happened after 800 AD and every major historical city is really Moscow
history  weird 
february 2013 by nrrd
Dr Who Girl's Knickers
The world's largest collection of underpants of women who worked on "Doctor Who"
weird  television  collections  gallery 
june 2011 by nrrd
Taste disturbances after pine nut ingestion : European Journal of Emergency Medicine
"Pine nut mouth" - a metallic taste that persists for days after eating pine nuts, specifically from China.
food  weird  medicine  china 
april 2010 by nrrd
ITT: Creepy Wikipedia pages. - IGN Boards
Some guy's list of strange wikipedia pages
wikipedia  reference  weird 
april 2010 by nrrd
The Doctor Who Scarf
Entirely too much information about Tom Baker's scarf
tv  history  reference  weird  scifi 
january 2010 by nrrd
UNL Digital Collections | Browse
"Government comic books" including some bizarre shit
comics  usa  text  weird 
december 2009 by nrrd

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