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Furniture measurements (1952)
Recommended heights for furniture
woodworking  info 
may 2016 by nrrd
Stanley Plane Typing MegaChart
Determine the manufacturing date of a Stanley plane
woodworking  tools 
may 2015 by nrrd
[no title]
Barn owl nesting box plans
woodworking  home  todo  pdf 
april 2015 by nrrd
[no title]
Cleaning/rehabilitating saws
woodworking  tools 
march 2015 by nrrd
Domestic Lumber - East Teak
In Sultan; sells 4s lumber
oak, maple, etc
woodworking  consume 
january 2015 by nrrd
Woodworks Library
175+ Free woodworking books
books  diy  free  woodworking 
march 2010 by nrrd

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