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Planning for the Post-Trump Wreckage
What will come next, and what can US policy wonks do to help?
5 days ago
When you pander to anti-immigration views, you are feeding conspiracy theories
“mainstream politicians have lost control of the immigration narrative. Take back control of that, and everything else will follow.”
ukpolitics  migration 
7 days ago
Unilateral Brexit revocation is possible, but only until March 29
We continue to alert readers not to seek comfort in news reports that parliament will stop a no-deal Brexit.
ukpolitics  brexit  eu 
7 days ago
Why lobbying in Brussels is not always an obscure activity
"a lobby group’s resources and the types of constituencies it represents are not consequential for success. What matters are the strategies lobbyists develop and how these fit in the overall public affairs context."
eu  lobbying 
8 days ago
Brexit: From revelation to re-accession
@AndrewDuffEU argues that Remainers should support the May deal and demand a referendum on rejoining as the price.
eu  ukpolitics  brexit 
9 days ago
What Happened to Venezuela Isn’t So Simple
...and has worrying parallels with Trump’s USA.
uspolitics  venezuela 
15 days ago
The Protocol of 'Diplotat'
My @APCOWorldwide colleague Simon McGee, hilarious on diplomatic aesthetics in general, and merciless on the U.S. State Department.
17 days ago
Banksy works worth £12m impounded in Belgium after legal row
Extraordinary, and yet somehow appropriate. (Thanks @AlbrehtT for the tip.)
Art  Belgium 
17 days ago
Parliament cannot simply 'block No Deal' as some are claiming - it's the default option
Rare for me to agree with the thrust of an article in @BrexitCentral, but this is correct.
brexit  eu  ukpolitics 
17 days ago
Holyhead on Brexit: ‘When will people wake the f**k up?’
Vox populi (or perhaps llais y bobl) - what people really think at Wales’s gateway to Ireland.
eu  ukpolitics  brexit  wales 
19 days ago
Do Proteins Hold the Key to the Past?
Amazing stuff about the analysis of biological samples on old documents, manuscripts and books. A long read, but well worthwhile.
history  biology 
19 days ago
A lesson re-learned from disaster
The “fire-proof” storage that turned out not to be.
19 days ago
Fighting words: The risks of loose talk about a “European army”
As @ECFR's Nick Witney points out, it ain't gonna happen, and it's actually counterproductive to talk about it.
22 days ago
How the Brexiteers broke history
Tremendous takedown of the imperial nostalgia and wrong-headed history applied by leading Brexiteers.
ukpolitics  brexit  eu 
23 days ago
If You’re Online, You’re Getting Scammed
Five widespread online scams - including RFID-blocking wallets, purses, etc which are a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
24 days ago
Jo Johnson: the inside story of Brexit and where it all went wrong
This is paywalled, but if you can get in it’s a damn good read.
ukpolitics  eu  brexit 
25 days ago
How Brexit Britain lost friends and alienated people
A good summary. IMHO, Brexit became inevitable when Cameron withdrew Conservatives from EPP.
brexit  ukpolitics  eu 
27 days ago
Brexit cannot be stopped
I am inclined to agree with @AndrewDuffEU.
eu  ukpolitics  brexit 
27 days ago
I was raised as a Native American. Then a DNA test rocked my identity
Not the first story like this I've read, and it won't be the last.
28 days ago
Greenland ice sheet hides huge 'impact crater'
...and what will emerge from it when the ice melts???
greenland  geology 
28 days ago
I never expected to be in the index of the greatest spy story of the Cold War. But there I am
@tracy_thorn explains the connection between Everything But The Girl and the Gordievsky affair.
russia  espionage 
29 days ago
Where the Bodies Are Buried
Long @NewYorker article about Northern Ireland - from 2015 so a bit out of date now, but a good read.
29 days ago
Et si les Etats-Unis n'étaient pas entrés en guerre en 1917
Interesting alternate timeline. The Germans stop the submarine campaign, so US doesn't formally join Allies; but increased transatlantic trade and supply is still enough for Allied victory.
4 weeks ago
The Brexit playbook in the 11 EU countries that will shape a deal
Slightly clickbait headline but generally good analysis.
eu  brexit 
4 weeks ago
The Trump Administration’s Fantasy World | The American Conservative
“the Trump administration acts as though NK is disarming and Iran is racing to the bomb. This is the exact opposite of reality.”
nuclear  iran  War  northkorea  uspolitics 
4 weeks ago
The ancient Greeks would have loved Alexa
The robots and other high-tech in classical literature.
sf  Greece 
4 weeks ago
For millions of Europeans, the war did not end in 1918
With good quote from my friend Markus Meckel.
5 weeks ago
Scientists say mysterious 'Oumuamua' object could be an alien spacecraft
Personally, I’ve always had my suspicions about Comet Schwassmann–Wachmann 1.
5 weeks ago
Heaven and hell
Great account of the Wakhan valley in northeastern Afghanistan - much more than a line on the map.
5 weeks ago
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