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U.K. Poisoning Inquiry Turns to Russian Agency in Mueller Indictments
No big surprise that the GRU emerges as the most likely suspect in both cases.
russia  ukpolitics  uspolitics 
4 days ago
Political and Economic Governance in the Balkans and Eastern Europe Compared
Interesting conclusions from @CEPS_Thinktank, notably that Georgia is moving well ahead of the field.
politics  Balkans  georgia 
10 days ago
I've Got Some Things to Say
Romelu Lukaku’s searing personal story.
belgium  football 
11 days ago
Time to stop laughing at Belgium
POLITICO on the national football team.
belgium  football 
11 days ago
Brexit: Last Call
@AndrewDuffEU anticipates Chequers.
brexit  eu  ukpolitics 
15 days ago
Six Lions
Nick Barlow reflects on English football.
16 days ago
Dinner Party Diplomacy
The choreography of a ministerial press conference.
diplomacy  Media 
16 days ago
Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Linguistic Adventures | ILAB
Reflections on "An Irishman's Difficulties with the Dutch Language".
19 days ago
London Calling
Harlan Ellison and the 1965 Hugo Award categories.
sf  hugos 
19 days ago
The Union in Revolutionary Times
Northern Ireland and the UK after Brexit. (And Scotland.) By @GerryLynch.
brexit  ukpolitics  eu  Northernireland  Scotland 
29 days ago
The national dish of every country at the World Cup, ranked from worst to best
I disagree with all of the rankings, and some of the good disagrees with me!
football  cooking 
4 weeks ago
Universal credit savaged by public spending watchdog
The UK government's war on the poor isn't even meeting its own targets.
5 weeks ago
The Question: Why is the modern offside law a work of genius?
A passionate essay on an often misunderstood subject.
5 weeks ago
My boss is verbally abusive and won't pay me
Not a new story, but only just seen by me - the toxic non-profit.
5 weeks ago
How the Home Office used the NHS to refuse my client a visa
Disgusting from UK government - “invoice” raised (& never sent) *after* visa denial; illegal anyway under Scottish law.
ukpolitics  migration 
5 weeks ago
Doctor Who Lost Episodes Could Be Recovered
Unfortunately this is based on an interview with someone whose record is distinctly untruthful.
5 weeks ago
Status Anxiety
In his own words: How @toadmeister got into Brasenose after failing to meet the requirements after his father called the admissions tutor, an old friend.
oxbridge  ukpolitics 
5 weeks ago
The United States and Europe still need each other
Good piece by my friends @A_Sloat and Julie Smith.
uspolitics  eu 
5 weeks ago
Preparing Brexit: How Ready Is Whitehall?
Damning Institute for Government report (PDF).
eu  ukpolitics  brexit 
5 weeks ago
Boris Johnson and the “pure millennium bug stuff”
Digging into the comparison between Brexit and the Millennium Bug.
ukpolitics  brexit 
5 weeks ago
Fewer NI people feel British than other UK regions - BBC survey
And support for united Ireland growing (still not a majority though).
6 weeks ago
How to cope with the end of the world
Long, ultimately inspiring piece by @MariaFarrell.
sf  politics 
6 weeks ago
Firelight, by Ursula K. Le Guin
The very last story of Earthsea. (Alas, partly paywalled.)
6 weeks ago
What populists get wrong about migration
The harsh reality behind the thoughtless rhetoric.
eu  migration 
6 weeks ago
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