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Applied Crypto Hardening:
This guide arose out of the need for system administrators to have an updated, solid, well researched and thought-through guide for configuring SSL, PGP, SSH and other cryptographic tools in the post-Snowden age. Triggered by the NSA leaks in the summer of 2013, many system administrators and IT security officers saw the need to strengthen their encryption settings. This guide is specifically written for these system administrators.
security  ssh 
8 hours ago
SSH Key Management
SSH keys are a critical access management problem

SSH keys provide the same access as user names and passwords. Furthermore, they often grant access to privileged accounts on the operating system level, giving a command line. Yet, in many cases, SSH keys have been completely overlooked in identity and access management planning, implementation, and audits. Users have been able to create and install keys without oversight and controls. This has led to violations of corporate access policies and dangerous backdoors.
ssh  security 
Adjusting resource limits
I'm trying to work out how to manage resource limits for processes, and
I'm clearly not understanding something.
freebsd  lists 
14 days ago
Scalable and secure access with SSH - Facebook Engineering
Most systems administrators use the industry-standard Secure Shell (SSH) for accessing systems, and yet many of its special features are not widely leveraged. At Facebook, we take advantage of those features to use SSH in a way that is reliable, secure, and manageable. SSH, more specifically OpenSSH, has a great way to provide both the security and reliability we require: signed certificates with principals.
ssh  security  certificates  authn  facebook 
17 days ago
About the Fork — OPNsense documentation
This page is intended to explain the original motivation for forking,
opnsense  firewalls 
19 days ago
Netgate SG-1000 microFirewall Appliance
The Netgate® SG-1000 microFirewall is a cost-effective, state-of-the-art, ARM®-based, pfSense® Security Gateway appliance.
netgate  networking  pfsense  pf  firewalls 
19 days ago
SXML in Racket: Tools for XML and HTML
Describes the various XML representations in racket
racket  xml  sxml 
29 days ago
Simon Kuper’s guide to business and social etiquette in Paris | Financial Times
No other city has more complex etiquette than Paris. If you overlay an intellectual capital on an artistic and fashion capital in a former royal capital, all of it in the country that invented how to eat, the number of codes governing behaviour approaches infinity. The only field of Parisian endeavour in which no rules apply is driving.
paris  ft  etiquette 
5 weeks ago
Plugins — iocage 1.2 documentation
iocage plugins are a simple and very fast method to get application containers installed and configured. At its core, a plugin is a jail specifically running one program. Popular programs can be installed repeatedly with one line. Additionally, plugins are easily extended by users, offering a high level of customizability and functionality.
iocage  freebsd  jail 
7 weeks ago
The Ipe extensible drawing editor
Ipe is a drawing editor for creating figures in PDF format. It supports making small figures for inclusion into LaTeX-documents as well as making multi-page PDF presentations.
ipe  pdf  diagrams  drawing 
10 weeks ago
Check Your Service and Support Coverage - Apple Support
...and map serial numbers to model numbers/descriptions
apple  serialnumbers  support 
january 2020
OpenLDAP Online Configuration Reference - Tyler's Guides
My OpenLDAP Online Configuration (OLC) Reference provides the OLC equivalents of the configuration file options.
october 2019
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