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Trauma Guide
Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Lifelong Consequences of Trauma
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january 2019 by oati
The Myth of the Ever-More-Fragile College Student
Except when you actually unpack these claims — when you put them in context and look for real evidence that kids are getting more fragile — there’s a lot less here than meets the eye. The true story of college students and mental health has to do with a hollowing out of the United States’ mental-health services, with overtaxed counseling centers, with a fundamental shift in the role that colleges serve, with changes in the composition of the nation’s student body.
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october 2016 by oati
What to do when all else has failed to change your kid's behavior. - By Alan E. Kazdin and Carlo Rotella - Slate Magazine
Urgency can inspire push-back and resistance to even the most rational pitch—not by everyone, but by a lot of people. The psychological term for that reaction is normal.
psychology  behavior  parenting  antecedents  teaching  learning 
september 2009 by oati

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