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Kelty's Recommended Resources: Self Injury | Kelty Mental Health
Parenting a Teen who has Intense Emotions: DBT Skills to Help your Teen Navigate Emotional and Behavioural Challenges
mc  selfharm  selfinjury  nssi  resources  tx 
october 2018 by oati
What David Foster Wallace Ate
I’ve come instead to the inelegant belief that pretty much the most important thing you can do with your day is make dinner, for your family or friends if you have them, or for yourself if you don’t. Do that, and the other stuff mostly falls into place.
mc  behavior  existential  nourishment  feed  selfcare  tx  intervention  cooking  food 
september 2018 by oati
9 Books About the Contemporary Immigrant Experience in America
They stayed here, raised their children here, learned to celebrate American holidays, and made American friends. For them, the overall experience of immigrating was an increase of joy in their lives, exactly what the immigrant wants: a chance to change their circumstances so that joy is possible.
books  mc  tx  intervention  bibliotherapy  migrationalgrief  grief  change  immigration  adjustment  migration  literature 
june 2018 by oati
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