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Property management software from Buildium.
Buildium develops an online property management software that enables landlords to manage their tenants, leasing and accounting operations.

Buildium's headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts. Buildium has been a Subsidiary of Realpage, Inc. since Nov 2019. Buildium has received a total of $65M in funding. Buildium's main competitors are Entrata, ResMan and AppFolio. As of August 2019, Buildium has 5.9K fans on Facebook and 4.1K followers on Twitter.
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18 hours ago
Defining CTO Roles and Responsibilities at a Tech Startup | RubyGarage Blog
Senior executive
Finally, don't forget that a CTO is an executive responsible for engineering. At large organizations, CTOs are, first and foremost, senior managers who don’t do any coding themselves but have predominantly management-related responsibilities. A CTO should be able to:

Participate in strategy planning
Participate in company management
Keep track of and analyze the competition to suggest technological innovations
Suggest ways that technology can help the company be more successful
Oversee an external workforce (outsourced team)
Keep track of tech trends in the industry and identify competitive advantages
Evaluate the technical efficiency of the company
Oversee IT budgets to optimize expenditures
CTO  roles  responsabilities  tech  startup  cofounder 
11 days ago
Autodesk Forge
The Forge platform unlocks the power of design and engineering data so you can connect teams, workflows, and build new services to address today's connected customer.
Cloud-based  developer  tools  from  Autodesk 
8 weeks ago
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