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"John Milton, Blackfriars Spectator?: "Elegia Prima" and Ben Jonson's T" by Timothy J. Burbery
We could leave the matter there were it not for Herbert Berry's remarkable but overlooked discovery that in 1620, when Milton was eleven, his father became one of four trustees of the Blackfriars Theater and probably remained in this capacity for at least a decade.
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2 days ago
History of Solar Energy: Timeline & Invention of Solar Panels | EnergySage
have dropped substantially over the past few decades, leading to a surge in consumer demand that has produced more than one million U.S. installations as of early 2016. In 1956, solar panels cost roughly $300 per watt. By 1975, that figure had dropped to just over $100 a watt. Today, a solar panel can cost as little as $0.50 a watt. Consider this: since the year 1980, solar panel prices have dropped by at least 10 percent every single year. The plummeting cost of solar is largely responsible for the growing popularity of solar and the legitimacy of PV as a reliable energy source in today’s world.
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3 days ago
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