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Next assume a gasoline powered car has an engine that converts the energy in gasoline into mechanical energy at an efficiency of 25%. This is typical; the rest of the energy is lost in extraneous motion, friction and heat. This means that if a gasoline engine were 100% efficient, that same car could go 120 miles on a gallon instead of only 30 miles per gallon.
Here’s where it gets interesting. A battery will recharge and discharge kilowatt-hours from the power grid at an efficiency of 90%. An electric motor will convert electricity into mechanical energy at an efficiency that is also about 90% (the larger the engine the better the efficiency). This means a battery powered electric car will convert kilowatt-hours from the power grid into mechanical energy at an efficiency of over 80% (90% times 90%).
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Electric Vehicles
Energy efficient. Electric vehicles convert about 59–62% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels—conventional gasoline vehicles only convert about 17–21% of the energy stored in gasoline to power at the wheels.*
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Electro Automotive: FAQ on Electric Car Efficiency & Pollution
EVs & Power Plants ICE & Fuel Refining
Processing 39% (Electricity Generation) 92% (Fuel Refining)
Transmission Lines 95% -
Charging 88% -
Vehicle Efficiency 88% 15%
Overall Efficiency 28% 14%
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Electric Power & Transmission & Distribution - How much loss of energy between power plant and house?
the better motors might get perhaps 20% efficiency (with turbos, etc).  Diesels do better due to the higher compression ratio and greater heating value of the fuel.  NO utility scale power plant has efficiencies this low! Hydro power is very efficient (over 80%), thermal power plants are in the high 30 percent range, combined cycle power plants are usually above 50%.  
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