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'The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism | Technology | The Guardian
“Surveillance capitalism,” she writes, “unilaterally claims human experience as free raw material for translation into behavioural data. Although some of these data are applied to service improvement, the rest are declared as a proprietary behavioural surplus, fed into advanced manufacturing processes known as ‘machine intelligence’, and fabricated into prediction products that anticipate what you will do now, soon, and later. Finally, these prediction products are traded in a new kind of marketplace that I call behavioural futures markets. Surveillance capitalists have grown immensely wealthy from these trading operations, for many companies are willing to lay bets on our future behaviour.”
1984  Technology  Corporation  sociology  advertising 
2 days ago by oripsolob
Leave no dark corner - China creates a Black Mirror society
The Communist Party calls it “social credit” and says it will be fully operational by 2020.

Within years, an official Party outline claims, it will “allow the trustworthy to roam freely under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step”.

Cameras monitor a busy street in Beijing, part of a network of 200 million CCTV cameras across China. Foreign Correspondent: Brant Cumming

Social credit is like a personal scorecard for each of China’s 1.4 billion citizens.

In one pilot program already in place, each citizen has been assigned a score out of 800. In other programs it’s 900.

Those, like Dandan, with top “citizen scores” get VIP treatment at hotels and airports, cheap loans and a fast track to the best universities and jobs.

“It will allow the trustworthy to roam freely under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.”

Those at the bottom can be locked out of society and banned from travel, or barred from getting credit or government jobs.

The system will be enforced by the latest in high-tech surveillance systems as China pushes to become the world leader in artificial intelligence.

Surveillance cameras will be equipped with facial recognition, body scanning and geo-tracking to cast a constant gaze over every citizen.
privacy  1984 
september 2018 by oripsolob
Remember to Forget -
2 Gatsby references: Still stung by the overreaches of the N.S.A., collaborating with American tech companies, the Europeans are challenging what is far more accepted here: the right of Big Data to have All Data, the right of knowing to trump the right of privacy. They are implicitly rebuking America, the land of Gatsbyesque reinvention, by defending the right to reinvention.
privacy  google  corporation  ais  books  1984 
august 2014 by oripsolob
Exposing the Legacy of Operation Condor
The torture and detention centers themselves have also been largely abandoned or converted to conventional uses, and there was a larger overarching conceptual problem for Mr. Pina to solve: how to illustrate something that by its very nature was both abstract and hidden. Additional photos (eg., checkerboard floor) here:
ais  torture  history  1984  photos  photography 
january 2014 by oripsolob
N.S.A. Phone Data Collection Is Illegal, A.C.L.U. Says -
“Calling patterns can reveal when we are awake and asleep; our religion, if a person regularly makes no calls on the Sabbath or makes a large number of calls on Christmas Day; our work habits and our social aptitude; the number of friends we have, and even our civil and political affiliations,” Mr. Felten wrote. He pointed out that calls to certain numbers — a government fraud hot line, say, or a sexual assault hot line — or a text message that automatically donates to Planned Parenthood can reveal intimate details. He also said sophisticated data analysis, using software that can instantly trace chains of social connections, can make metadata even more revealing than the calls’ contents.
1984  privacy  ais 
august 2013 by oripsolob
Obama Seeks to Narrow Terror Fight -
“But this war, like all wars, must end. That’s what history advises. It’s what our democracy demands.”
politics  9/11  1984  ais  war 
may 2013 by oripsolob
How Companies Learn Your Secrets -
Habits aren’t destiny — they can be ignored, changed or replaced. But it’s also true that once the loop is established and a habit emerges, your brain stops fully participating in decision-making.
money  1984  psychology  privacy 
february 2012 by oripsolob
On the Media's National Security Letters and Gag Orders
The most serious kind of subpoena - called a ' National Security Letter ' - used to have a lifetime gag-order automatically attached. That is until Nicholas Merrill appealed his and won the right to talk about it. Despite 50,000 national security lette...
privacy  9/11  1984  ais 
february 2011 by oripsolob
On the Media's The End of Braille?
Fewer than 10 percent of the 1.3 million legally blind Americans now read Braille, down from around half in the 1950s. Reporter Rachel Aviv wrote about the dying language earlier this year in The New York Times Magazine.
1984  writing  ais  modern  technology 
may 2010 by oripsolob
Jesse Schell at DICE 2010: "Design Outside the Box" Video
Last ten minutes or so are most useful for education and for the idea of how societies change when surveilled
design  video  education  1984  technology  modern  sociology 
april 2010 by oripsolob

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