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Folk and Blues: The Tribulations of The Old Town School
"The school’s economic crisis, detractors say, is largely of its own making, due to a decade of mismanagement, lost opportunities, misguided priorities and poorly timed decisions. For its part, the school argues that enrollment is down because guitar playing is out of fashion and because YouTube videos and School of Rock have crowded the marketplace."


A financial endowment is a donation of money or property to a nonprofit organization which uses the resulting investment income for a specific purpose.

Usually the endowment is structured so that the principal amount is kept intact, while the investment income is available for use, or part of the principal is released each year, which allows for their donation to have an impact over a longer period than if it were spent all at once. An endowment may come with stipulations regarding its usage.
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8 weeks ago by oripsolob
How Slavery Became the Economic Engine of the South - HISTORY
$1500 for an individual enslaved person becomes $250,000 in today's dollars, accounting for inflation.
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11 weeks ago by oripsolob
Chicago’s pension crisis isn’t really about pensions — it’s about debt
Why would the city so dramatically underfund its pensions? The answer is that “borrowing” from pension funds can appeal to elected officials for the same reason borrowing from other sources does: It allows the city to spend more money without asking residents to pay higher taxes. Essentially, Chicago has been borrowing from pension funds in order to pay for other priorities while keeping taxes artificially low. But as the debt payments on that pension borrowing have grown, the city has historically proven unwilling to pay them in full either, creating a spiral of rising costs.
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january 2019 by oripsolob
John Dingell: How to Fix Government - The Atlantic
In December 1958, almost exactly three years after I entered the House of Representatives, the first American National Election Study, initiated by the University of Michigan, found that 73 percent of Americans trusted the federal government “to do the right thing almost always or most of the time.” As of December 2017, the same study, now conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center, found that this number had plummeted to just 18 percent.
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december 2018 by oripsolob
Are You Middle Class? This Calculator Claims to Tell You - The New York Times
“Our determination of whether or not you’re in the middle class is based on income alone,” said Rakesh Kochhar, a senior researcher at Pew.
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september 2018 by oripsolob
Are you in the U.S. middle class? Try our income calculator | Pew Research Center
Decent in terms of norming for geographical region, but focuses too much on income as a factor
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september 2018 by oripsolob
NYTimes: From Trump to Trade, the Financial Crisis Still Resonates 10 Years Later
It is hardly a stretch to suggest that President Trump’s election was a direct result of the financial crisis.

The crisis was a moment that cleaved our country. It broke a social contract between the plutocrats and everyone else. But it also broke a sense of trust, not just in financial institutions and the government that oversaw them, but in the very idea of experts and expertise. The past 10 years have seen an open revolt against the intelligentsia.

Mistrust led to new political movements: the Tea Party for those who didn’t trust the government and Occupy Wall Street for those who didn’t trust big business. These moved Democrats and Republicans away from each other in fundamental ways, and populist attitudes on both ends of the spectrum found champions in the 2016 presidential race in Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump.

“Our conclusion: Financial crises tend to radicalize electorates,” Mr. Sufi wrote. “After a banking, currency, or debt crisis, our data indicate, the share of centrists or moderates in a country went down, while the share of left- or right-wing radicals went up in most cases.”
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september 2018 by oripsolob
Teacher pensions: The full story — 1IL
The Illinois Policy Institute is out with a new report attacking public-worker pensions for causing property taxes to rise, especially teacher pensions. Which is somewhat comical, because the only other way to pay for those pensions is with the state income tax, and the IPI doesn't want that, either.
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august 2018 by oripsolob
Opinion | How Entitled Parents Hurt Schools - The New York Times
With economic segregation in the United States worsening, there is likely to be a growing number of school districts where poor children, and poor parents, predominate.

Yet, economic segregation, which is more pronounced among families with children, also creates public school districts where affluent families predominate. This can lead to trouble in schools, but of a distinct kind. Motivated by a fierce desire to protect their children and themselves from difficulty, and armed with a robust sense of entitlement as well as ample economic, cultural and social resources, affluent parents can create conflict and interfere with school districts on a scale that is rarely acknowledged.
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june 2018 by oripsolob
IEA applauds General Assembly for passing state budget and increasing education funding, cautions against changes made to TRS and SURS | Illinois Education Association
In addition to all of the good news, there was also a last-minute pension proposal introduced as part of the budget package that has several components, the most concerning of which is a decrease to 3 percent from the current 6 percent that employers can offer educators in both the Teachers’ Retirement System and State Universities Retirement System for pay increases in the four years used to calculate their retirement without incurring any additional costs.
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may 2018 by oripsolob
The Myth of Meritocracy | On The Media | WNYC Studios
Martin Luther King, 1968, National Cathedral speech / relates to The Color of Law and westward expansion and federal subsidies

"It's all right to tell a a man to 'lift himself by his own bootstraps', but it is a cruel jest to say to a bootless man, that he ought to 'lift himself by his own bootstraps'..."

References study of differences in resume callbacks based on (black vs white) names

Rich are more likely to say that "hard work" matters more.
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may 2018 by oripsolob
Derek Powazek - I’m Not The Product, But I Play One On The Internet
Assumption: You’re either the product or the customer.
I’ve worked for, and even run, many companies in the last 20 years with various business models. Some provided something free in an attempt to build an audience large enough to sell advertising, some charged customers directly, and some did a combination of both. All treated their users with varying levels of respect. There was no correlation between how much money users paid and how well they were treated.

Assumption: Companies you pay treat you better.
I should be able to answer this with one word: AT&T. Or: Comcast. Or: Wells Fargo. Or: the government.

We all routinely pay companies that treat us like shit. In fact, I’d argue that, in general, online companies that I do not pay have far better customer policies and support than the companies I do pay.
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april 2018 by oripsolob
Brochure - Equal Pay Act and Ledbetter Act
On January 29, 2009, President Obama signed the first piece of legislation of his Administration: the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 ("Act"). This law overturned the Supreme Court's decision in Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Inc., 550 U.S. 618 (2007), which severely restricted the time period for filing complaints of employment discrimination concerning compensation.

The Act states the EEOC's longstanding position that each paycheck that contains discriminatory compensation is a separate violation regardless of when the discrimination began. The Ledbetter Act recognizes the "reality of wage discrimination" and restores "bedrock principles of American law." Particularly important for the victims of discrimination, the Act contains an explicit retroactivity provision.

People challenging a wide variety of practices that resulted in discriminatory compensation can benefit from the Act's passage. These practices may include employer decisions about base pay or wages, job classifications, career ladder or other noncompetitive promotion denials, tenure denials, and failure to respond to requests for raises.

Differences in pay that occur because of sex violate the EPA and/or Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended. In addition, compensation differences based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, and/or retaliation also violate laws enforced by EEOC.
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april 2018 by oripsolob
Compare Schools
Perspectives vs New Trier (ENVIRONMENT)

Operating Spending Per Pupil includes all costs for overall operations in this school’s district, including Instructional Spending, but excluding summer school, adult education, capital expenditures, and long-term debt payments.
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february 2018 by oripsolob
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