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Dodge Super Bowl Ad Using MLK Speech Draws Criticism | Time
Featuring Martin Luther King's speech, "The Drum Major Instinct"
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11 weeks ago by oripsolob
Walking-to-Work Stories: Heartwarming or Harmful? | On the Media | WNYC Studios
We begin this week's transit-oriented theme show with a story of Good Samaritans and gratitude. Specifically, the beloved, "heartwarming" media trope of the person who walks miles and miles and miles to work — usually out of heartbreaking necessity — and is rewarded for their perseverance with a car, or a bike, or at least an appearance on the 5 o'clock news. Uplifting as these tales may sometimes be, they are also "terrible," as Streetsblog national reporter Angie Schmitt explained to Brooke.
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november 2018 by oripsolob
Highways gutted American cities. So why did they build them? - Vox
Look at the before/after satellite view of Minneapolis (w/ slider)
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october 2017 by oripsolob
Why it makes sense to bike without a helmet — Howie Chong
According to a 2006 French study, pedestrians are 1.4 times more likely to receive a traumatic brain injury than unhelmeted cyclists.

Did you catch that? Despite the fact that car accidents are the number one cause of all fatal head trauma among teenagers, the suggestion that teens wear helmets when they drive is simply brushed off. The passage treats the idea of mandatory driving helmets as completely preposterous. Yet we insist that children wear bike helmets (in fact, in some places, it's the law) despite data that shows kids are more likely to die of head injuries riding in a car than riding on a bike.

Is there an argument that says that wearing a helmet actually increases risk of injury?

Turns out that there is. There is some evidence that wearing a helmet may directly increase your chance of getting injured in the first place.

The ultimate way to make cycling safe is to promote a culture of cycling, not bike helmet use. Helmet use is very uncommon in bike-friendly cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam, where cyclists have been socialized to see cycling as a safe activity and where there is the infrastructure to support it.
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august 2017 by oripsolob
Driven to Distraction
In 2003, U.S. Withheld Data Showing Cellphone Driving Risks. Check out the eye-tracking video of texting while driving.
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july 2009 by oripsolob
OTM: Drive American
This week, struggling automakers learned they won't be getting a piece of the bailout for now. The auto industry and financial experts are debating the economic effects of a possible bankruptcy in this cornerstone of American manufacturing. But what ab...
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november 2008 by oripsolob

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