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'Billionaires' Book Review: Money Can't Buy Happiness | The New Republic
"What wealth does to your soul" or "Extreme Wealth is Bad for Everybody"
happiness  inequalities  ais  sociology  money 
january 2015 by oripsolob
Poor Families Happier, If Not Wealthier, in New Neighborhoods -
Even more startling, researchers said, was the finding that families who moved into new neighborhoods that were just as racially segregated as the ones they came from, but were much less poor, reported much larger gains in feelings of well-being than those who moved to much more racially integrated neighborhoods that were nearly as impoverished.
money  education  service  chicago  sociology  happiness  inequalities 
september 2012 by oripsolob
All Joy and No Fun
Annette Lareau, the sociologist who coined the term “concerted cultivation” to describe the aggressive nurturing of economically advantaged children.
children  culture  happiness  psychology  sociology  ais  gender  women  development  class 
july 2010 by oripsolob
The Rap on Happiness
"Happiness is like beauty: part of its glory lies in its transience. It is deep but often brief (as Frost would have it), and much great prose and poetry make note of this."
psychology  happiness 
february 2010 by oripsolob
Time Wastes Too Fast
- And the Pursuit of Happiness Blog - / journey to Jefferson's Monticello
history  art  travel  Happiness  ais 
june 2009 by oripsolob

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