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Regional Housing Solutions
Understanding housing submarkets can help communities develop new initiatives that are responsive to local needs.
housing  sociology  maps 
9 weeks ago by oripsolob
Dronestagram: The Drone’s-Eye View |
History, like space, is coproduced by us and our technologies: those technologies include satellite mapping, social photo sharing from handheld devices, and fleets of flying death robots. We should engage with them at every level. These are just images of foreign landscapes, still; yet we have got better at immediacy and intimacy online: perhaps we can be better at empathy too.
history  google  maps  photography  iphone  technology 
november 2012 by oripsolob
National Archives Experience
Totally interactive / primary sources -- scanned originals
education  reference  History  images  photos  socialstudies  maps  flash 
november 2008 by oripsolob

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