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The rape culture of the 1980s, explained by Sixteen Candles - Vox
Here are the basic ideas embedded in this plot:

• Girls who drink are asking for it. Girls who have sex are asking for it. Girls who go to parties are asking for it. They are asking for it even if they only drink and have sex and party with their monogamous boyfriends. Whatever happens to that kind of girl as a result is funny.

• Boys are owed girls. A good guy will help his nerdy bro to get a girl. Her consent is not necessary or desired.

• To avoid being the kind of girl who gets raped, you need to earn male approval. If you earn male approval, other girls might be raped, but you won’t be, and that will prove that you are special.

• Once you earn male approval, it can be taken away — as Caroline’s goes away once Jake tires of her — and then you’ll go from being the kind of girl who doesn’t get raped to the kind of girl who does.

• A good guy can participate in this whole system and remain an unsullied dream guy.

• The kind of girl who gets raped has no right to complain about what happens to her. Also it isn’t rape.

That’s how mainstream culture presented rape, and thus affirmed rape culture, in 1984.
culture  sociology  movies  gender  inequalities 
october 2018 by oripsolob
The Blunder Years
Molly Ringwald revisits the Breakfast Club with her daughter. Start at 38:16 for a 16 minute clip.
sociology  movies  gender  inequalities  radio 
may 2018 by oripsolob
Allergy to Originality -
In creating this Op-Doc animation, I copied well-known images and photographs, retraced innumerable drawings, then photocopied them as a way to underscore the un-originality of the entire process.
video  art  books  movies  writing  copyright  remix 
october 2012 by oripsolob
Film as a Great Motivator (and critique)
See comment by Renee Hobbs of the Media Education Lab.
socialstudies  education  literacy  media  student  movies 
august 2012 by oripsolob
ACLU Goes to the Movies
ACLU-TN has compiled a list of movies that illustrate prominent civil liberties issues. So settle into the couch, grab the popcorn, and enjoy!
movies  constitution  history 
december 2011 by oripsolob
Media Education Foundation
Study guides for Tough Guise, Killing Me Softly, and more.
media  literacy  education  videos  advertising  movies 
january 2010 by oripsolob
Star Trek Dance Floor (Too Many Dicks) | Political Remix Video
NSFW - demonstrates how male-centric JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek is
movies  mashup  sociology  gender  ais  women 
july 2009 by oripsolob
Puerco pibil
Needs salt. Try with tenderloin in the crock pot.
food  recipes  movies 
july 2009 by oripsolob
"A Trip Down Memory Lane: Did Doug Bruce Forget It All, Or Just the Boring Truth?"
NEW YORK On the morning of July 3, 2003, a former stockbroker named Doug Bruce walked into a police station in Coney Island and told the cops that he didn't know his name.
psychology  disorders  movies 
may 2008 by oripsolob
The Fire This Time Review |
Nice full review: addresses the problems of conspiracy theories
race  psychology  sociology  movies 
december 2007 by oripsolob
Propaganda Critic: Video Gallery
A small collection of US propaganda films like "Duck and Cover"
clips  history  videos  movies  AIS 
june 2007 by oripsolob
Welcome to ARKive - Images/Movies of life on Earth
Teachers, educators, researchers and students may incorporate these materials into their lesson plans, presentations, work sheets, projects etc in hard copy and digital format for internal educational use.
clips  education  images  movies  photos  reference  science  sounds  videos 
june 2007 by oripsolob
Internet Archive: Open Source Movies
A treasure trove of clips, if you're willing to dig!
clips  creativecommons  movies  videos  opensource  download 
june 2007 by oripsolob
Features Lessig, Girltalk, et al.
creativecommons  movies  music  video 
june 2007 by oripsolob
Macaulay Library Catalog
Free animal sounds & video / video downloads need QuickTime Pro
clips  audio  download  education  free  media  mp3  movies  videos 
february 2007 by oripsolob
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